Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Abortion Forgivable During Year of Mercy

The Pope has just issued a pastoral letter highlighting the guidelines for the upcoming Jubilee for Mercy or the Holy Year of Mercy.  In the letter, the Pope gives faculties to all priests around the world to forgive the sin of abortion.  American priests already had the faculties.  Moreover, the Pope also extended the faculties to schismatic priests from the Society of St. Pius X which was founded by the heretical archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1970.  This move is seen as an attempt by the Pope to further enhance a return of that group back to the Catholic Church. 

On the topic of abortion, a woman who has an abortion (miscarriage not applicable) obtains an automatic excommunication or what is called "latae sententiae."  This can only be removed by a bishop via absolution.  A bishop can give faculties to certain priests to remove it however.  The faculties the Pope is granting will be only for the Year of Mercy.  The message is clear: God forgives everyone. 

I am hoping the lines for Confession will be big this upcoming Holy Year of Mercy!

See the letter here:



  1. Wow. That's great. A religion that has institutionalized rampant pedophilia, hiding the perpetrators and all the evidence has found it in their hearts to forgive a situation they have no idea what the circumstances surrounding it are.

    1. You are mistaken and deceived by the media. No religion has institutionalized rampant pedophilia. As a matter of fact, clergy have the least involvement in child sexual abuse when compared to other groups. Moreover, according to the John Jay study, the majority of abusers were not pedophiles, but homosexuals who became priests. While some bishops made mistakes, no one was hidden. They were given advice from psychologists at the time who stated that these men were "cured." These men were then sent to other assignments believing the prognosis. As it stands, the Catholic Church is the ONLY institution that has taken on child sex abuse head on. No other organization has gone to the lengths that the Church has in order to prevent abuse.

  2. "heretical archbishop Marcel Lefebvre"?
    next time before you write please read LUMEN GENTIUM point 16

    1. What about it? The point is about other religions, not Lefebvre. Did you even read it?


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