Wednesday, September 16, 2015

14 yr Old Muslim Arrested For Making A Clock

In Texas, a young 14-year-old boy was arrested for constructing a clock and showing it to his teacher at MacArthur High School.  Ahmed Mohamed, has a fondness for engineering, science and robotics.  He loves to invent things and has a big future in my opinion.  However, he was humiliated for his hobby after a clock he made was mistaken for a hoax bomb.  Mohamed was taken to a juvenile detention center.

He was interrogated by the principal of his school as well as five officers. They demanded that he make a written statement or be expelled. Social media has exploded with outrage. The hashtag #IStandWithAhmed has been trending with mostly positive comments. However, some people are attacking the young boy. These attackers stem from the conservative right-wing Christian population.

It is sad that Ahmed had to face this situation. However, I understand that the rhetoric "see something say something" has made many of us overly paranoid. While clocks are often thought of as being associated with bombs, I think the teacher should have resorted to logic. Would someone who made a bomb be dumb enough to show it off?  To my knowledge, bombers tend to hide bombs!  Take the suicide bombers in Israel and the Boston bombers for example.  These sick individuals hid their bomb in their clothing and book bags.

I feel the problem rests on the islamophobia being propagated in the United States. Muslims or anything related to Islam is automatically labeled as suspect or terrorism.  That is unfortunate indeed. Ahmed reminds me of myself when I was his age and was working with my science teachers on several projects, including building things. In my opinion, Ahmed would be a son I would like to have who is focused on education instead of the nonsense corrupting our youth in popular culture.

I can only imagine the trauma this boy received internally.  He already stated that he felt like he was a criminal.  This should not be the way we reward kids for doing good things.  



  1. Man, and we got teachers who don't even know the difference between a clock and a bomb! We should let the students teach. That's my recommendation and send the teachers back to grade school. God bless you for defending Ahmed. Susan Fox

    1. Tell me about it. Poor kid was excited to show his teacher what he built and she calls the cops.


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