Monday, September 21, 2015

Richard Dawkins - Desperate For Attention Calls Ahmed a Fraud

Dr. Richard Dawkins like Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump and James Woods is known for trolling Twitter and tweeting tweets that cause controversy. Last year Dawkins stirred up the net with his complaints against airport security for not allowing his jar of honey to go through and his defense of "mild pedophilia."  This year, he is whining about Ahmed, the young 14 year old boy who was arrested for bringing in a clock he assembled which was thought to be a hoax bomb by authorities.

Dawkins tweeted several messages attacking the young Muslim boy insinuating that he is a fraud. The narrative is that the boy possibly made this "clock device" in order to get a gofundme and attention in support of Muslims. Dawkins was immediately attacked for his tweets.  Many of his own followers attacked him. If you view his tweets you can see many atheists attacking him and attacking each other. Dawkins even posted a You Tube video of a man making his case that what Ahmed made was not a clock and in fact was just an alarm clock that he disassembled.

It seems Dawkins is desperate for attention and is causing a big uproar over nothing. Ironically, he is behaving like a typical paranoid islamophobic American "Christian conservative."  The latter have not rested in their attacks against Ahmed, Muslims in general and the Migrants from the Middle East who are seeking asylum in Europe. Dawkins is no stranger to islamophobia. He has made many xenophobic remarks in the past.  To suggest that young Ahmed made this "clock" just to get attention makes no sense.  What kid wants to get arrested?  His parents are now struggling to get the incident removed from his record so it makes no sense for them to do this if their intention was to use  Ahmed as a "sacrificial lamb" to garner pity.  Luckily many atheists are realizing that this guy is nothing but a reactionary and troll who abuses his role as a biologist in order to push atheism and ignorance. Only time will tell what the mendacious bigot will tweet next.


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