Monday, September 7, 2015

Pope Francis On Migrants & ABC News Broadcast

On Friday, ABC aired a program on Pope Francis. In the program, the Pontiff spoke to parishioners via video broadcast.  The show focused on immigration as its theme.  Certain individuals, young and old including a religious sister were give the opportunity to address the Pope.  The Pope in turn gave responses to their statements or questions.

We saw an illegal immigrant mother with two young daughters speak on their struggles while living in a shelter.  One of the girls stated that she felt ashamed of being in a shelter while her friends from school had their homes with two parents, father and mother. Then we saw a young man named Riccardo who stated that he was accepted to the college of his dreams but was not allowed to enroll due to his illegal status.  He is now attending a community college and told the Pope he had to become the "bread winner" of his family due to not having his father around.  Later on, a religious sister, Sr. Norma Pimentel was called by the Pope via the video broadcast where he congratulated her.

The show was obviously carefully edited by ABC officials to create pity for illegal immigrants.  In turn, the Pope was made to look more like a social worker than the Bishop of Rome. I took to Twitter to make some comments which were received well by some and not so well by others.  Some "unfollowed" me and one Franciscan priest @jimgoodeofm even blocked me. Ironically, he has on his timeline tweets about mercy but is quick to block a future priest just for posting opinions.. go figure.  So much for "mercy.."  Then again, his Franciscan Immaculate Conception province in New York is known for being a cesspool of pedophiles and gays who hid under $600 brown wool habits that "symbolize poverty" while living in posh quarters abusing kids. Their provincial even moved priests around who are sex offenders, but that is another story.

Anyhow, my tweets were not meant to attack illegal immigrants or anyone.  They were meant to show that we are not solving the problems of illegal immigrants by disregarding our own laws, by bringing people in who will be a burden to the nation and by not caring for our own citizens who are poor. For example, Puerto Ricans who are legal citizens have struggled in American for decades.  These are legal Latinos who are entitled to the "American Dream." However, illegal Latinos are often put in first line while Puerto Ricans are ignored.  Many Puerto Ricans have even stopped having large families due to their struggles trying to stay above the poverty line while illegal immigrants keep having kids they cannot care for.  In New York City, especially the Bronx, one can see pregnant Mexican mothers with a line of children behind them. They took up the walking space on the sidewalk at times when I was in the Bronx!  It is a big problem when we consider how they are just having kids to keep themselves on welfare. Let's not forget the many of them who have stolen the identities of others, especially the identities of Puerto Ricans in order to keep their Latino names.  With this information, they can file false tax returns and claim each child in order to get a bigger return.  The IRS in its incompetency fails to prevent this or even spot it.  This is a burden to all Americans.

The Catholic Church is at fault as well for encouraging this illegal immigration.  Then again, dioceses make a lot of money taking illegal immigrants in. It is a sad reality. The Pope and the Catholic Church must push for solutions not a band aid approach to illegal immigration.  We must fix what is going on in the nations of these people so that they do not have to go to other nations.  This is true charity.  Charity does not mean keeping people poor and undocumented.  That is not Christianity.  What will we do if our economy collapses?  Who will take care of the citizens and illegal immigrants if this happens?  It does not make sense to keep packing people on a boat that is nearly sinking.  It makes no sense to invite people to a feast where there is not enough food for the extra guest.  This does not mean that we have to ignore illegal immigrants. There is no doubt that we have to care for them and anyone in trouble.  However, we have to be realistic.  America has its own problems. We have our own poor people to care for and quite frankly, we have not been doing a great job at it.  The same goes for migrants or refugees in Europe.  Europe cannot just let people walk in.  All kinds of people will enter, including Al Qaeda and Isis members.

I feel for Riccardo and the two girls, but it is not fair for Americans to care for "anchor babies."  Granted, it is not their fault that they are in this nation, but they must realize that their parents broke the law and that they should not get special treatment because of this.  These "dreamers" are a nightmare for America.  Perhaps a system to legalize these kids can be created to expedite their path to citizenship.  From there, they can proceed with their education and so forth.  But first, municipalities and boards of education must verify the legal status of kids joining the system.  We have a system that just lets any kid sign up for class.  To prevent the situation that Riccardo is facing, it is smart to verify kids first and see if they are illegal or not.  If they are not, then we can work to get them legalized so that they can go to school without problems.   Allowing these kids to attend school and then when they reach college age they cannot finish a degree is wrong.

The Pope and others who are focused on illegal immigration have their hearts in the right place, but their brains in another.  We must help people the smart way and not rush to house people without enough room or feed people without having enough bread.  

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