Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon & NASA's Mars Announcement

A super "blood moon" is visible the night of September 27 into the 28th for many parts of the world.  It is called a "blood moon" because of the reddish hue that the Moon takes on as the Earth aligns with the Sun eclipsing the Moon with a reddish tone of light.  This Moon is called "super" because it will appear about 14% larger than normal.  The last one to take place was in 1982 and it will occur again in 2033.

Already some lunatics (pun intended) are making up stories of doom in relation to the lunar eclipse (see: Joel 2:31 in the Bible). They are highlighting that previous lunar eclipses have occurred on Jewish holidays.  They see this as a coincidence indicating that somehow these events have some meaning that is Biblical or relating to the Jewish-Christian God. What they fail to tell you is that the lunar eclipses occurred on Jewish holidays is because the Jews created their calendar based on the Moon's cycle! Nothing magical or terrifying is going to happen.

Similarly, others are linking the Pope's visit to the United States as having to relation to the "end times."  Some are claiming that the Pope is the beast from Revelation who is making friends with the governments of the world (Obama/Castro) and is creating a one world religion/government.  This of course is nonsense.  Cuban officials have shown no signs of becoming Catholic and Obama's White House invited individuals who the Vatican had issue to; namely, openly gay dissidents. This does not sound like a cozy relationship that will usher a one world religion-government thing does it?  I think not...

Nevertheless, some fanatics have over-active imaginations and love to create all kinds of stories in order to give themselves importance.

Mars News:

NASA is expected to give a big announcement in a few hours on NASA TV.  Some are speculating that life was finally discovered on Mars.  There are many You Tube videos claiming to show rodents, lizards, "face-grabbers," crabs, a woman etc on Mars.  However, these can be dismissed as pareidolia.  The announcement NASA is expected to give is most likely related to what appears to be flowing water on Mars.  If this is in fact true, then this increases the odds of finding life on Mars, especially at the microbial level.  I will update this when the announcement is official made.  Stay tuned!  This will be exciting.


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