Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bible On Carl Sagan's Undergrad Book List

If you know me personally you will know that I am a bibliophile. My love of books has been around since I was a baby when my mom read to me and then I took the on the habit on my own. I personally own over 5,000 books on a variety of subjects, especially science, philosophy, classics, music, sports, and religion. Anyhow, the Library of Congress acquired recently a collection of the writings of the late Carl Sagan. In this collection was found his reading list from 1954 when he was an undergrad at the University of Chicago. The list was posted and ironically the Bible is listed as one of the books to read among philosophy and science books.

In another ironic twist, his protege Neil Degrasse Tyson also listed the Bible at number 1 in his list of 8 books to read. It still bugs me to hear or read comments from some atheists putting down the Bible as some irrelevant book, or more accurately; a collection of books. The Bible is a collection of books that not only tell the salvific history of God and humanity; it also gives a glimpse of humanity itself. In my opinion, it is the only book that captures humanity perfectly. As an atheist, this was what I noticed as I studied it. This collection of books has something unique and special about it. You can tell it truly is inspired by God as only an eternal being who knows the human mind and heart can inspire such a work of art that captures humanity throughout the ages perfectly since no man can live thousands of years.

Sagan and Tyson both know the value of this collection of books and rightfully listed it as one of the books intelligent people must read. While they may not agree with the theological or religious aspects of the texts, they both agree that this collection of books is important and a treasure for humanity. It has inspired great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, musicians, artists etc etc.  The Bible was the first book printed in western society and is the best selling book of all time. It is a collection of ancient texts that still speak to today and tomorrow.  




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