Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Fraud Atheists?

Today is tax day in America.  Atheists are not known for their honesty.  Because of this, I quickly notice red flags when I see atheist bloggers or advocates ask for money or make themselves middlemen in order to collect money for charities.  So far I have found two suspicious individuals.  One of them was banned from Twitter and was recently outed for scamming people with Oxfam, see:

The other one was asking for money online, but we are not told where the money went and if it was reported to the IRS as the law asks of US citizens.  I brought up the question in this post:

I have already notified the Tax agencies of both the United Kingdom and the American IRS regarding these individuals and ask readers of this site to do the same. 

*It is against the law to withhold information about ANY kind of income.

To report them, go to these links:

David Viviano, Florida resident. 

Uses these services:

Evidence showing request for and recipient of side income:

Write to:
Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888

You can also fill out the IRS' form:


Esther Harrison, blogs using alias "Rosa Rubicondior"

Resides in:
6 Thistlecroft Close
Oxford England

Solicits money via ads here:

Report at:

UPDATE 6/24/16
I found another scammer using the label of atheism on gofundme to get money from naive atheists. She got defensive when I asked. This lady is clearly able-bodied and can work.  Why does she need to ask for money?  Moreover, she told me that she has an attorney.

If she can afford an attorney, why does she need to ask for money? She later claimed that this attorney is her ex-husband, if so, why does he not help her?  I then asked for his information to confirm and she got really vulgar and defensive. Things do not add up.  I sense a scam artist...

Write to:
Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888

You can also fill out the IRS' form:

Report her campaign ( as fraudulent to Gofundme here:

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