Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GOP Debate - Fox Business/WSJ

The fourth Republican presidential debate just took place on the Fox Business Channel which teamed up with the Wall Street Journal.  Milwaukee, the birth place of the Republican Party was the physical location. As usual, two debates took place.  The first debate was with candidates who have single digit poll numbers. Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee found themselves in this debate despite being in the major event in previous events. They were accompanied by Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal. In this undercard debate, Chris Christie clearly won. Jindal was attacking him and how he runs New Jersey while Christie responded by addressing the issues and attacking Clinton.

In the main event, the candidate presented their tax plans and where they stood on other economic issues. Kasick was hogging the microphone in the beginning and attacked Trump.  Trump responded but held back. He was much more reserved in this debate than in previous ones. Some political pundits believe Trump is trying to present himself as more presidential due to criticism of his abrasive approach. Ted Cruz flubbed when asked which agencies he would cut by naming commerce twice. Bush started out well but then faded as the debate took hold.  There was no confrontation between him and Rubio as in the CNBC debate. Rubio spoke articulately and but was attacked by Rand Paul who questioned how he could be conservative if he wants to increase spending.  Carly Fiorina spoke well but failed to address how she would replace 'Obamacare.' Ben Carson addressed the new reports regarding his childhood and other things said of him which he described as lies. As in previous debates, he has not really expressed how he would do things in America if elected.  On immigration, Trump vowed to deport 11 million illegal immigrants which brought the response from Kasick who said the project was impossible and preferred having them pay a fine and seek citizenship. Bush interjected stating that we have to think about the families and how they would be broken apart if illegals were deported.  Regarding minimum wage, the majority of the candidates are against it claiming any increase would be like making people dependent on the government.  Rubio even made a ridiculous statement stating that welders made more money than philosophers and that we need more welders, not philosophers. That comment turned me off and I am sure my philosophy professors. A society with workers who do not think would be devastating for the United States of America.   As for a winner, the candidates did well. I did not see one stand out more than another. Trump was more docile and the others simply repeated what they have done in previous debates.  Overall, I think Christie won if we compare both cards.  This will most likely help him in the polls.  The moderators for this debate did an excellent job in my opinion.








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