Saturday, November 14, 2015

Second Democratic Debate - CBS

The second Democratic debate just took place in Des Moine, Iowa. The three remaining candidates Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley took the stage.  At the onset of the debate, the events of terrorism in France was the first topic. Each candidate was dressed in dark 'mourning' attired. They debated on the United State's role in the fight against terrorism which Clinton stating that it was not America's fight. She was rebuked by O'Malley while Sander criticized Clinton's support on the war in Iraq. The rest of the debate pretty much was on the economy, income inequality, immigration and healthcare. Sanders defended his views which have been described as socialist by stating, "I'm not that much of a socialist compared to Eisenhower." He said he is for free college, true universal healthcare, the increase of the minimum wage to $15 and an increase of social security.

Clinton wants to better 'Obamacare,' wants a $12 minimum wage federal index allowing each state to decide afterwards whether to increase or not. O'Malley and Sanders agreed that big banks must be allowed to fail while Clinton disagreed stating that she would protect investment banks. O'Malley and Sanders attacked Clinton for defending Wall street.  The debate was a bit different from the previous one where each candidate seemed to support one another.  In this debate, Hillary was attacked by Sanders and O'Malley. She was questioned by them.On immigration, the candidates agreed that those illegal immigrants who are in the nation must have a path to citizenship.

The winner of this debate in my opinion was Bernie Sanders. He spoke articulately about his plans and had great rebuttals when questioned.  Clinton seemed more docile and only got a strong applause when she mentioned her female support.  Martin O'Malley did much better in this debate than in the last.  However, I do not see any big changes in the polls after this debate which was a bit bland.    


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