Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th - Paris Attack, Japan Earthquake...

Today is Friday the 13th, a day some people interpret as being 'bad luck.'  Well, it sure has been a day full of absurdities and tragedies but superstition had nothing to do with it.  First, object WT1190F fell into Earth's atmosphere. WT1190F was the space junk that was destined to crash into Earth.  The debris came in and dissolved causing no damage. Second, shortly around 1-2 PM EST, new reports came out on Twitter, CNN and other media that Paris was attacked once again. Third, an earthquake measuring 7.5 hit Japan causing a minor tsunami.

I want to focus more on the attack in Paris, France.  It is believed that 8 terrorist perpetuated the attack in Paris just blocks away from Charlie Hebdo which was the target of 2 terrorist gunmen earlier this year (see:  Seven of the eight attackers are dead. They were suicide bombers. The Le Bataclan concert hall was taken hostage. Reports cames in that 100 people were held hostage there; however, recent reports are saying that over 100 were killed there.  An American band 'Eagles of Death Metal' were performing at the time. Two bombs went off at Gate J of Stade de France where French President Francois Hollande was a spectator.  He was immediately taken away to safety. Video from fans posted online show the soccer players playing as a loud boom can be heard shocking everyone in attendance.  The Petit Cambodge restaurant, Le Carillon Bar, Les Halles bar and Belle Equipe bar were also attacked with bombs and open gun fire while shouting "allahu akbar."  Over 160 are believed to be dead.  This count may rise as things settle down and French authorities can assess the evidence.  The band U2 was scheduled to have a concert on Saturday but they have cancelled it.

The attack comes just hours after US airstrikes killed 'Jihadi John' who was the 'face' of Isis and was videotaped beheaded several individuals. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility, but it is believe this attack was the work of Isis cells in France.  The world has pledged solidarity with France.  Many landmarks have lighted their building with the colors of the French flag. President Hollande vowed to fight back and that this fight will be merciless.  American President, Barrack Obama vowed to help France in this time of need.  France and the United States have a close relationship since the American Revolution.  France helped Americans fight the British by providing weapons, training and other support during the American Revolution.

Twitter and other social media have been trending with #Paris and #PrayforParis.  Some anti-migration people have taken to twitter to put blame on migrants entering Europe. Actor Rob Lowe and an American congressman received backlash after tweeting tweets pointing out that France closed its borders; insinuating that migrants had something to do with the attack.  For the most part, the majority of social media users have been offering support and prayers to the French people.  #ouvrelaporte #strandedinUS  #PorteOuverte have been trending as well which means "open the door" and is a hashtag alerting people that French citizens are opening their doors to those effected by the attack.

I will update this as I learn more.  Please keep France and Japan in your prayers.


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