Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Plane Crashes in the Alps

A German airliner crashed into the French Alps killing everyone on board including two Americans, Yvonne and Emily Selke.  The crash also claimed the lives of two high school classes on an exchange study abroad trip and infants as well.  The world is mourning this loss of life in such a horrific way.  According to reports, made by the New York Times, a source claims that the co-pilot was locked out of the cockpit.  He is heard knocking softly on the door and then increasing the pounding as if trying to break down the door.  Some are speculating that maybe the pilot had a medical issue or may have even been suicidal and locked the door to the cockpit.  The investigation is still ongoing.  Let us pray for all those affected by this tragedy.






UPDATE 3/26/15**

According to the black boxes, investigations have confirmed that the Germanwings plane was intentionally brought down by the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.  It was the pilot who was locked out of the cockpit. Audio can be heard of the pilot trying to enter the cockpit. However, the co-pilot locked the door completely overwriting the keypad.  He then reprogrammed the autopilot to slowly decrease the altitude of the play to its lowest level, 100 feet.  This shows that he was intentionally bringing the plane down. The co-pilot also ignored commands from air traffic agents.  He could be heard breathing normally, ignoring the pilot as he banged on the cockpit door and air traffic agents.

Andreas Lubitz is said to have suffered from depression and even took time-off from his flight training.  He lived alone and did not go through psychological testing as a pilot.  This new development is sending chills down the spine of travelers who feel at ease knowing a pilot can take down a plane just for whatever reason and that the doors meant to protect pilots from entry by terrorists adds to this new problem.  These cockpit doors can be locked completely preventing anyone else from entering even by using the keypad.  This is a serious problem.  Moreover, European airlines allow one pilot in the cockpit.  American airliners order that two people be in the cockpit at all times.  






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