Friday, March 6, 2015

Ephebophile at Bronx Science

I am sad to report that in a school I know very well is once again the topic of scandal.  Jon Cruz, a debate team coach and social studies teacher was arrested by the FBI for possession and creation of child pornography.  Cruz pretended to be a teenager online by using a photo of one of his former students on an app called "Kik" and even paid minors money so they can send him nude photos of their bodies.  The authorities were notified when one of the parents of a victim found the correspondence of Cruz on the child's phone.

Cruz told his victims that he was a 15/16-year-old student at Dalton School which is located in New York City.  He also told them that he was a son of wealthy parents, was a nerd and loved jocks or muscled athletic guys.  One boy in New Mexico was paid $900 for images of his face and feet, two others received $1,600 in gift cards and $5000 for nude photos of their butt cheeks and genitals. There is a 1 million dollar bail placed on Cruz which I doubt he will be able to pay off.  A former student claims that the teacher solicited his friends for images of their feet and even wanted sex after they graduated.

The incident is disgusting and goes to show how these sick individuals are in every facet of society.  This teacher worked with youth.  As a matter of fact, he was well loved by current, and former students.  Cruz is clearly an ephebophile, or a person who is attracted to older teenagers 14-19.  Not much is known about this condition. However, it is believed that the appearance of bodies that are young but look like adults stimulates the sexual desires of an ephebophile.

Parents must watch their children. Their phones must be searched for these apps that are doorways for predators.  Parents must check what photos their children are taking and to whom they are sending them to.  If I were a parent, none of my children would get phones or webcams. There is no need for that nonsense at their age. They should be reading books and socializing with real people their age in real life, not on some server.


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