Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gamma Atheist Decays

It seems the gamma has decayed after encountering a Poynting flux dominated flow - "Sacerdotus." :) 

After David Viviano aka "Gamma Atheist" of "Atheist Hangouts" accepted to debate me, he is still with his dilly dally. I have been 
waiting for him to email me to plan this debate better. For a while, we have even discussed a bit on his Youtube video page.  He stalled and then deleted the messages.  My schedule is tight so he 
needs to be professional.   It was HIS idea to have me on his show...

So I wait and wait until David Gamma Atheist decides to email me to plan this out.  Now he is demanding that I remove other posts on atheists... is he for real?  What do other atheists have to do with him?  It seems he is just playing games like a boy instead of behaving like a grown man. The debate should be between US, no one else.  This is not a negotiation between nations to release hostages or demand certain conditions.   As stated, my schedule is extremely filled and complicated. 

So this is why it is VERY important that he emails me to plan this out with better detail.  There are many who want to see this debate. Some atheists have emailed me excited about it and hoping it comes together.   David is the one delaying it now. I am waiting for David to comply and follow through with his acceptance.   

I offered him these options:

a) Do it at around 2:30 or 3 AM EST which is usually the time I do my radio program and blog. 

b)Wait till I am off semester.  
c) You can post on my blog following the outline and then I will reply when I can.  I can authorize you as a admin on the site in case you think I will alter comments.

d) You and I can make videos replying to each other and then splice them together into one video.  

See the video:

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