Monday, October 6, 2014

Supreme Court Ignores "Gay Marriage" Cases

The Supreme Court of the United States of America today declined to hear the cases regarding so-called "Gay Marriage" in several states.  This could be mean several things.  The court obviously does not want to get involved in the debate and may have indirectly decided to leave the decision up to the states.  Others believe this move actually helps the cause by not stopping or overturning decisions put on hold. However, it is also possible that the Supreme Court may be waiting for the elections to take place to see what happens when and if new politicians are elected.

Only time will tell what will really happen. In any event, the battle is not over and there will be many more court cases and appeals to those case decisions. The media claims that majority of Americas are in favor of same sex marriage, but these claims are exaggerated.  Even the secular nation of France was believed to be on the side of same-sex marriage until it shocked the world with is marches composed of millions of protesters who do not want to see the definition of marriage distorted.


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  1. Yesterday's Black Monday Decision made same-sex "marriage" legal in my state of Colorado against the will of the people. The Supreme Court has made it clear that if the right case is brought forward it will legalize same sex "marriage." for the whole country. It will be Roe v Wade all over again. We are being ruled by a bunch of idiots wearing black dresses. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. This is a grave injustice. They have outlawed marriage in my state. God bless you. Susan Fox


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