Thursday, October 16, 2014

Houston We Have Problem

Many people ask me, "why is gay marriage and gay rights such a problem for you?"  Well this post is about to show just ONE of the reasons why.

Houston's mayor, Annise Parker, has subpoena pastors in the Houston area to force them to hand their sermons for review.  Can you believe this?  A mayor in the United States of America is violating the first amendment which  impedes the free exercise of religion or abridging the freedom of speech of Americans. Apparently, the pastors have been outspoken against "HERO" or "Houston Equal Rights Ordinance" which is supposed to prevent discrimination against members of the LGBT movement. Annie Parker is a Lesbian - surprise surprise.

Pastor Hernan Castano who is one of the pastors targeted had this to say, "For a city government to step into churches and ask pastors to turn in sermons, it's gone too far. This is not what America, the nation is about."  Castano is correct!  This is not what America is about. The Constitution clearly states that the government CANNOT interfere with religion nor abridge any speech. The agenda is clear from this lesbian politician: censorship of religion. Citizens of Houston must speak out and get this lady and those in the Houston municipality removed from office.  They are not fit to govern and are not fit to even be in America, in my opinion.  This tyrannical minority must not be allowed to destroy our nation, its values, laws and principles.

God help Annise Parker if she tries to start a fight with the Catholic Church...    

Here is her Twitter account.  I invite all people of faith to storm it with complaints:


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