Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2 Nurses With Ebola

Shortly after the death of Thomas Eric Duncan who was the first person reported in America as having Ebola, two nurses were found to have been infected.  Amber Vinson and Nina Pham both cared for Duncan and now have Ebola.  Many are criticizing Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for how they have handled Duncan and its own staff in regards to preparing them for Ebola patients.

It is believed that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital did not have the proper equipment necessary to fully protect nurses. Moreover, it is very easy to contract the disease as nurses remove the special garments, masks and gloves. Also, Dr. Friedman of the CDC has come under fire for not taking the Ebola situation in America seriously.  He made several statements on air saying that American hospitals are prepared to receive any Ebola patients.  However, nurses and other staff members dispute that claim stating that they are not properly trained nor have the proper safety equipment for themselves in order to care for patients with the disease.

There is even more disturbing news.  Amber Vinson was allowed to fly on a commercial jet with 132 other passengers while she had Ebola.  According to her, the CDC gave her the okay to fly.  This has brought even more criticism of the agency and they are now making changes in regards to what fever temperature is the benchmark for preventing those with Ebola to fly or travel.  A search is underway now to track down the 132 passengers who traveled on the same commercial jet as Vinson. The plane is still in service as I write this despite calls from the public and others to put it out of commission.

Ebola is a serious matter.  Flights to and from West Africa should be grounded.  The CDC should provide better training to medical staff around US hospitals.  Decisions to allow a person who may be contaminated with Ebola must not be left to airline employees who most likely do not have medical knowledge or even degrees. It seems that the CDC arrogantly overestimated Ebola believing "advanced" America can handle anything. We all know that bacteria and viruses can humble the dominant species on Earth with ease.  This is a no-brainer.  More planning and training needs to be implemented in order to stop Ebola from becoming an epidemic in the United States of America where so many people travel to and fro and where many people enter legally and illegally.

Let us pray for the speedy recovering for all Ebola patients.


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