Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Catch the Wolf

As you may know, there are a few troll accounts who have taken on the task to post lies about me. Instead of engaging them in arguments, I ask my readers and supporters to report these people to Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress and the Police.  

In light of the United Kingdom's Malicious Communications Act, I decided to proceed with the matter legally.  I contacted Kent Police in regards to Twitter account Ellif_dwulfe asking how to pursue further action.  I have also contacted the police in the area of "Rosa Rubicondior" regarding her abuse and slander.

Please flood Kent police with your concerns over this abusive person Ellif_DWulfe.  Abusive cowards should not be free to use services such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook in order to post defamatory and libelous content.  Let's stop this:

Regarding Ellif_DWulfe, contact: http://www.kent.police.uk/WebFeedback/contactusSubmit.do

This is what I wrote to them:

Hello, in light of the United Kingdom's law regarding
cyber bullying and abuse (Malicious Communications
Act), I would like to report/know how to report an
abusive blogger who is a citizen of your nation. These
are the blog posts he has written defaming me and other


He also uses the Twitter accounts:
This person is also shown in this video
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5p6ax7Mbhc) with his
friends using video conferencing.  However, only his
voice can be heard, but you can contact his friends to
find out who he is. 

Friends listed in the youtube video:
N'Eligahn: @NEligahn
Mishy: @CrunchieMishy
Poe: @MightyPoe
Bindi: @kaermorhenworks
GSP: @Gear_Stik_Prod

I have never met this person nor know of him.  He
insists on posting libelous posts on me in an attempt
to discredit me and bring upon me doubt from others who
befriend me online.

In light of this abuse, I would like Kent police to do
an investigation on this person.  I would like to
pursue this matter further.  However, I am not in your
nation so you would have to provide details as to how I
can proceed with charges as this individual is clearly
engaging in abuse, defamation, libel and cyber
bullying.  I hope to receive a response to this email,

Friends of "Ellif" from Youtube video

UPDATE November 10, 2014 - An official from Kent's police department contacted me today and informed me on what to do to proceed with this case against this abusive person.  I plan to follow through to the best of my ability in order to stop this person and any other who use the internet to slander and abuse others.  In the mean time, please continue to contact Kent police and document for me any mention of "Sacerdotus" that is done in order to defame, harass and abuse my character.  

UPDATE November 15, 2014
According to Kent police, cyberbullying is described as:

"Cyberbullying is when a person uses technology i.e. mobile phones or the internet (social networking sites, chat rooms, instant messenger), to deliberately upset someone.
It can happen any time of day and occur on a large scale and speed, due to the nature of the technology."

United Kingdom's Laws 

Protection from Harassment Act (1997)
Malicious Communications Act (1988) 
Communications Act (2003) 
Obscene Publications Act (1959)
Computer Misuse Act (1990)

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