Wednesday, October 8, 2014

David Gamma and Goliath

I really don't understand what's going on with these "vocal" activist atheists.  They act all big and bad online and then become timid sheep when challenged.

As you may know, I challenged David Viviano of the webcam show "Atheist Hangouts" to a debate
(see:  He responded by attacking me calling me a "troll."  I and others took this as a cowardice move and blogged about it.  Well the post became extremely popular globally and I guess it got his attention.

I learned today after a few people emailed me that he changed his mind and wanted to debate me. These are the tweets he sent:

I immediately wrote on my Rationally Faithful blog my response:

"Well it seems David Viviano aka "Gamma Atheist" has mustered up some courage to debate me and I would love to do it.  It would be an honor to engage him.  However, he needs to contact me via email to discuss the details and the logistics as I do represent an institution and am not at liberty to make my own schedule etc.

Moreover, the debate was my idea and I had told him where the debate would be (here).  This is the purpose of this blog.  I want to keep a static log of the debate for all to view anytime.  However, this does not mean a future debate cannot happen elsewhere after this first one takes place on this blog.  So in the mean time, it would be logical to hold the debate here until the other details are worked out via email for a future debate on another forum.  

The rules and layout are found on this post below.  I will wait for David to email me. This should be fun.  I hope other atheists don't ruin it with their nonsense.  "


The link went out and I tweeted that I wanted to debate.  See my tweets:

As you can see, I made it clear with the "let's do this."  Well David Viviano instead began to stall by posting:

Did you notice his stalling?  I clearly posted that I accepted and asked him to email me so we can plan it further.  Instead, he clearly stated that he is not emailing me and then claimed I did not accept. He even favorited my replies clearly showing that he read them and knows that I did not decline.

I then tweeted even more to make sure my acceptance was clear and that I was waiting for his message to set things up even going as far as posting my number so he can text; and even posted 2 messages on a video he posted on youtube:

What else can I do?  He doesn't want to contact me so we can plan it and see when is a good time.  I'm a busy guy and I'm sure he is as well.  He can't just throw out blanket invitations and not contact me regarding the details so we can plan it out.  That is extremely unprofessional.  

Can you imagine if Oprah or Dr. Phil invited a guest and then never tells him or her where to go, when to go, what time to be there, what's the topic going to be etc etc? 

It seems David is scared of Goliath in this case.  Or perhaps this was a publicity stunt to get attention by using my popularity.  In any case, I wait here for his email and to break whatever stones he throws at me.  The academic giant Goliath will crush the intellectually inferior atheist.     


  1. "The academic giant Goliath will crush the intellectually inferior atheist." Intellectual giant? You have to be kidding right? Is that why @RosaRubicondor has you on the run "Manny"?

    1. Why are you spamming my site? You must have been living under a rock in regards to Rosa. Twice she has run away from debating me:



      She is afraid of me just like every other atheist. Now she spends her time lying about me and fooling people like you in regards to my name. How can you be stupid to believe her lies? First my name is on my academic record on my site, see the about me tab. Second, another atheist refuted her lies about me showing that her claims did not add up. See:

      If you want to see how big of an intellectual giant I am, then grow a pair and join my live on Sacerdotus Hangouts. Question me, try to debate me. I would love to destroy you on a live broadcast. 


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