Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blind Man & Dog Miracle

Sometimes in life we can know something will happen.  For example, when we hear that a train ran over someone, we automatically think of death.  However, God is the one who decides when our time is up on this Earth.

A recent event in New York City is being called a 'miracle.'

Cecil Williams was waiting for a subway train on 145th street when he felt dizzy.  Williams is blind and gets around with the help of 'Orlando," his seeing-eye-dog.  Orlando the dog seemed to sense that Williams was in trouble and tried hard to tug at him in an attempt to pull him away from the edge of the platform.  Unfortunately, Williams fell and the weight of his body was too much for the dog Orlando.  Both fell onto the tracks.

What happened next is both horrific and amazing.  An "A" train entering the station came in and was about to hit both Williams and Orlando.  The people on the platform signaled to the conductor to stop, but it was too late.  The motion along with the weight of the train would not allow for inertia to dissipate despite the breaks being activated.

The train ran over both Williams and Orlando.  People gasped in horror thinking they have witnessed two living creatures being crushed and mangled by the train.  However, as 2 and a half cars rolled over both,  they were alive and well.  Orlando was licking the face of Williams in an attempt to keep him alert.  When the trained was moved, emergency workers and onlookers were surprised to find Williams and Orlando alive and unharmed considering a subway train ran over them.  Both suffered only scratches from the fall.

Orlando is 11 years old and was scheduled to retired.  Williams wanted to keep him but could not afford the dog.  Thank God many generous people came to the rescue by donation enough for Williams to keep Orlando.

God surely had His angels protecting Williams and the brave dog Orlando.  This is truly a miracle and should remind us that God is always in control.  Whether we go or stay a little longer depends on God.  May Jesus Christ be praised!



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