Friday, December 13, 2013

Abusers on Watch

These are stolen trademarked images "Rosa" has used so far for his accounts.  

NOTE:  RED means suspended, Green means active,  Dark Gold means caution/inactive/dormant
  • @rosarubicondior - suspended since August 22, 2013 (permanently suspended)
  • @rosaresurrected - Suspended permanently Sept 27 2013
  • @rosareerected - created Sept 2013, suspended 11/18/13
  • @rufatunica - suspended 11.18.13
  • @rosarubicondio1 - suspended 11.18.13

Reasons= abuse, spam and overlapping accounts.

See below for other accounts he uses.  Other atheists are rallying to get him back.  See the hashtag .  Please report each atheist account tweeting for his return.  Also report each atheist account tweeting links from, see them here:    

Use and file a ticket. Also click spam report on his accounts and tell all your followers to do the same.  Contact me and I will direct you to the appropriate Twitter employees.   

Rosa Rubicondior's main accounts: 

@rosarubicondior - suspended since August 22, 2013 (permanently suspended)
@rosaresurrected - currently on automated spamming. )Suspended permanently Sept 27 2013)
@rosareerected - created Sept 2013, suspended 11/18/13
@rufatunica - suspended UPDATE: Restored Oct 10, 2013, Suspended again 11/18/13
@rosarubicondio1 - created 10/10/13. Suspended on 11/18/13
@Rubirosacondior - currently on automated spamming - Update suspended Oct 2014

@R0saRub1c0nd10r - created after I created @scdtvs - tweets at different intervals.
@RubicondiorRosa - currently inactive

Rosa Rubicondior also uses these accounts as overlapping sock puppet accounts:

@Jorra_with_God - dormant
@FatherMcGregor - gone
@darthnihilus1 - permanently suspended August 6, 2015
@CatholicBadLie  - suspended Sept 2014
@CatholicGagfly - name changed to @TruelyOMEGA - Permanently suspended August 24, 2015 
@Th0mas_Anders0n - permanently suspended August 24, 2015

See also:
Report each account that is on this list and those who subscribe to it. Also click report as spam.

****Older updates
*UPDATE 9.21.13 - @Rosarubicondior is now permanently suspended.  Please report his new account @rosaresurrected.

**UPDATE 10.10.13/10.11.13 - @rosaresurrected is permanently suspended.  He is now actively using @rosareerected and @rufatunica and created @rosarubicondio1, please report each to Twitter.****

As you may know, I was responsible for twitter atheist troll @rosarubicondior's week long suspension.

See the proof here -Rosa Rubicondior Suspended!

See the Reason why here: What is Sacerdotus Doing!?

Rosie was suspended in June 2013 and briefly came back. (By Twitter's softer suspension where they ask you to accept terms and enter characters in a captcha)  He did not adhere to the rules then and was suspended again on July 23, 2013 for violating twitter's rules: abuse, harassment, posting someone's information in tweets and spam.

Some of his friends have denied my involvement, but thanks to my video on You Tube (click here) and Rosie's questionable cognition skills, he made it easier by posting his own screen shot:

Screen capture Rubicondior posted on his blog

Here is the screen shot from the email I received the same day thanking me: 

Screen Capture from email I received

For those still in denial that it was me who took Rosie down, take a look at the support employee's name, date and time of the email.  You will notice that they are identical in both Rosie's screen capture and my own.

Moreover, if any questions arise in regards to photoshoping etc, my You Tube has the video of me opening the email showing that I did not tamper with the image.

Now, Rosie out of desperation complained to Twitter to be restored and after this humiliation and promise to abide by Twitter's rules, Twitter reinstated his account.

I and others are currently protesting this decision, so his fans should not get caught up a celebratory state.  Messaging me with his screen name also does not help him because I already told Twitter this would happen.   

Twitter reassured me that they are monitoring Rosie and if he continues with his abuse, to inform them immediately.  See the screen capture here:

I ask all Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and others who have faced Rosie's abuse to please continue reporting any violations that Rosie and his supporters tweet, including retweets and quoted tweets. 

Also report any links to Rosie's blog post defaming me and the child named Manuel.  

Report any tweets mentioning @sacerdotus, sacerdotus, sac, or any variation as well as the name of the child and any variation of it; "Manuel" or "Manny."  

Remember, twitter is asking for this information, so please provide it.  Together we can end this abusive behavior.  

Let me be clear that I am not asking to censor atheists.  They are free to visit my blog and post comments as long as it's free from vulgarity and ad hominem.  What concerns me is the abuse, posting of a minor's information and the harassment.  Twitter is NOT the venue for defamation of character, cyber bullying, or any abuse/harassment of any kind.  It's okay to disagree on issues, but not okay to take it personal to the point Rosie has.  

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