Sunday, December 22, 2013

Open Letters on Christmas

Here are draft letters I decided to write which can be used by parents or anyone in order to voice his/her demand that Christmas be respected and made aware of instead of diluted.

Christians must not remain silent!

To Public School System:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write out of concern for the education our youth are receiving today in regards to Christmas. Our youth are being taught falsehoods regarding the holiday; namely, what it entails. While I understand that Christmas is a religious holy day in the Catholic Church, it is still a holiday in the United States of America that deserves respect and a proper introduction in an academic setting.

In fact, it is the only legal holiday found in 5 USC § 6103 and should therefore have the deference and prominence it deserves; especially in the educational setting. Replacing 'Christmas" with "Happy Holiday" or calling children entertainment programs "Holiday Show" is being academically dishonest. Our youth deserve to learn the reality of the historical events that comprise Christmas and why it is important in American culture.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ Jesus, the founder of the world largest faith and the philosophical inspiration of many prominent figures in history as well as law-makers and academics throughout the centuries. It is not about a snowman or elves. Propagating the latter is intellectually dishonest and insults the intelligence of our youth as well as parents.  Teaching our youth about the birth of Christ is no different than teaching them historical facts regarding Buddha or Confucius.

Moreover, it is offensive to dismiss the major themes of Christmas in order to appease those of other faiths or of no faith. The task of a school is to educate, not to withhold information from the youth. Since Christmas is the only legal holiday, it is rational to teach its significance in the world and American culture just like it is rational to teach the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the American Revolution.

Teaching on Christmas is not an endorsement of religion for teaching on the birth of Christ is not the same as teaching the theology surrounding it. Students learning about Christmas would not be getting indoctrinated anymore than learning about Nazism encourages hate. Those of other faiths or of no faith should not feel threatened learning about Christmas for it is the only legal holiday around this time.  As Americans we should learn about our customs and laws.

With respect to Jewish holidays such as Hanukkah or African American customs such as Kwanzaa; these are not legal holidays and representing them in the school setting while ignoring Christmas is irrational and offensive to Christians.

Why represent these ideas and ignore the one that is protected under US federal law and is also designated the only federal holiday in December?

I hope you will reconsider your stance on Christmas in the educational setting and will not deprive our youth of this information on this holiday which is legally protected and is part of our American culture.

Concerned Citizen


To Law Makers/Public Servants:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your service to our nation.  Our nation was founded upon religious ideals that stem from the Jewish and Christian faith.  Unfortunately, a tenet of the Christian faith is under attack and this concerns me.  This tenet was made into a legal holiday by law makers.  I am of course referring to the Birth of Christ or Christmas.

For the last couple of decades, Christmas has been slowly diluted from the public square.  Despite it being the only federal holiday that has legal protection, it is being disrespected and replaced by other holidays that do not share the same legal status.  It bothers me that our law makers are forced to remove Nativity scenes from government buildings, forced to refrain from saying 'Merry Christmas,' and/or include symbols of other traditions in order to be politically correct.  This action disregards the fact that Christmas is the only federal holiday that should be recognized under the law (5 USC § 6103).  A comparison would be raising the flags of each nation represented in the American population at the White House when only Old Glory should be raised with dignity.

There is no logical reason to remove a Nativity scene and replace it with a Jewish symbol, Kwanzaa symbol, or even a satirical atheist one when the latter do not represent federal holidays sanctioned and protected under federal law.  Moreover, it is disturbing that ideas that are not even mentioned in the Constitution are used as grounds to ban Christmas in schools or government settings; namely "separation of Church and State."  The motto of the United States of America is "In God we Trust."  This motto is found in many courtrooms as well as the currency of the nation.  Americans understand this to be a reflection of our traditions and history, not an endorsement of theism.

That being said, it is irrational for Christmas to be diluted from the public square and ignored in schools since like the motto of the United States, it is protected and sanctioned under federal law.

As a law maker, I humbly request that you protect Christmas and push for policies that give it the proper dignity and deference it deserves.  It should be taught in schools like any other holiday is taught.  Displays reflecting its meaning should not be removed or prohibited since the holiday is sanctioned and protected under federal law.  Americans should not be afraid to say 'Merry Christmas' to others.  Moreover, other traditions should not be allowed to trump Christmas under the guise of religious freedom or religious equality.

I honestly believe that our Founding Fathers would not question the idea of Christmas being taught in schools or represented in government settings.  These would not be a government endorsement of religion because citizens are free to choose or reject religion.  Christmas itself is reflective of an historical event, not a particular dogma or doctrine.

Again, thank you for your service to our nation and please keep my letter in consideration.

Concerned Citizen


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