Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Failed Atheist Exposed

Atheist caricature "Rosa Rubicondior" has really gone psychotic in the last couple of days.  I feel bad for him.  I never meant to do this to him.  It was a "double effect" kind of thing.

My only intention was to have a fun, intellectual and fair debate with him; however, he began to fool around and eventually ran from debating me.

I guess I made the mistake of thinking Rubicondior was qualified to debate; however, it is apparent that he does not have the knowledge necessary to defend atheism.  This is unfortunate indeed because he presents himself as the leader of twitter atheists and posts almost daily on his blog defending atheism and bashing religion with fallacies.  However, when I challenge him, he runs like a coward.

At this point, it is obvious that Rubicondior is just a troll seeking attention via twitter.  This attention inflates his ego, typical of someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

The embarrassment that I caused him after he ran away and acted childishly really had an effect on his psychological health.  It is not easy for some one who thinks he cannot be defeated to actually be defeated.  This is a big blow to the head, so to speak.

Now Rubicondior is posting almost daily about me.  He along with another atheist who I believe is a sock puppet of Rubicondior, took the time to research online any mention of "sacerdotus" and any profile with the image of the "chi rho."  They then came up will this speculative analysis of some one they think is me.

It is silly and funny to see these two individuals succumb to this nonsense and paranoia.  Speaking of the latter, it is hilarious to see them tweet about thinking every twitter account that messages them is me!  They must not sleep well at night thinking I am everyone who approaches them.  I have become their "bogey man."  What a pitiful way to live, don't you think?

I think these tweets are what caused Rubicondior to snap.  I say this because of the word (fraud) I used and the word Rubicondior continues using in his new posts where he attempts to pin another's identity on me.

I sent these tweets:

Immediately following these tweets, Rubicondior posted a blog entitled "Sacerdotus The Fraud Exposed."  In it, Rubicondior posts the splicing of profile data from sites on the internet which do not even exist.  Moreover, Rubicondior took the time to screen capture, and trace circles over points that he wants readers to focus on.  Talk about obsession...

This individual is extremely sick in the head and needs our prayers.  It is obvious that Rubicondior is a sensitive soul that cannot take criticism.  Again, my intent was just to have a fun debate, nothing more.  I do not see why Rubicondior feels threatened with a debate against me.  

Why is Rubicondior confident in his posts against religion, yet runs from me who wants to debate him?  

This individual who lives on 6 Thistlecroft Close, in Oxford England appears to be suffering from a personality disorder.  The use of particular words and anonymity indicate someone who is afraid - someone who can only be himself via a fantasy.  Twitter is his cathartic outlet.  

Rubicondior shows signs of being a schizoid who relies on fantasy as a self defense mechanism.  Schizoids are not good at social relationships and interaction.  They resort to formulating fantasies that help them interpret reality in such a way that keeps them safe from whatever they are afraid of confronting.  This is why Rubicondior hides behind an image of a halloween mask and uses the pseudonym "Rosa Rubicondior" which is a anime cartoon character.  One can tell that "Rubicondior" is a young male.  

I know "Rubicondior's" real name, date of birth and other identifiable information as well as family information, school records, and employment history.  In time I might post it.     

Luckily I have a degree in psychology and am trained clinically.  I can identify these types of things in individuals.

However, I find it troubling that atheists support this disturbed individual.  They call me obsessive, yet ignore the many posts Rosa has written against me.  Moreover, they ignore the stalking Rosa has conducted which he proudly displays on his blog.  Even though the information he posted is not mine, it still shows the poor mental health of this individual.  

Who in their right mind would search the internet's every nook and cranny just to appease a vendetta?  This is a sign of what schizoids do.  They will never forget harm done against them and will retaliate.  Normal individuals may hold a grudge for a short time and eventually forget it.  Schizoids will never forget a grudge.  Rubicondior has showed this sign publicly.  Nine months have passed since Rubicondior had an epic fail during our debate and he still has this grudge against me.  

Many of you have noticed that I recently offered to debate Rubicondior via skype and both of us would show ID credentials in order to clarify to the world who we both are.  Rubicondior has ignored this request.  The reasons are obvious: 

  1. It will show that he has been lying about who I am.
  2. This will show who he really is leaving him vunerable.
  3. He will lose the sense of "power" that he thinks he has by pretending to "expose" me. 

Notice that I am not afraid to go this extra mile, yet Rosa is.  This speaks volume of the state of mind of this individual.  To date, Rosa has not provided evidence that I am the person he claims I am on his posts.  Finding profiles or sites on the internet with a particular name does not mean that person is some one else you want to pin that identity on.  I can find a facebook of Tom Cruise with his quotes or photos and that does not mean that profile belongs to the actual actor.  

Furthermore, any one with ill intentions can create fake profiles.  I would not be surprised if Rosa himself created those myspace and classmates accounts using things that can be traced back to me such as my pen name and certain Christian symbols I use as avatars.  A search for "sacerdotus" will bring up information on Solanus Casey.  I am shocked Rosa did not claim that I am Casey!  He is "sacerdotus."  Take a look at this information here:
Moreover, his latest post lists random twitter accounts which he claims belong to me.  He has some of then right, but the others he has them all wrong.  These accounts do not belong to me.
The post shows his obsession with me as well as his paranoia.  From now on, any twitter account that mentions him is suspect.  This is causing Rubicondior mental distress which is a sign of mental illness.

I advice all sane people religion or non-religious to report Rubicondior.  He is not well in the head and can pose a threat to individuals around him.  I would not be surprised if one day his home is stormed by police officers for child pornography or some other disturbing activity conducted online. 
Rubicondior has already showed complete disregard to minors by abusing one.  That being said, he is obviously capable of harming a minor without remorse.  

My challenge still stands.  If Rosa does not accept it, then he is automatically the loser of the debate and a liar in regards to his claims regarding my identity.

I invite Rosa Rubicondior to go on Skype to do the following:
  • Debate me on God's existence
  • Show his ID credentials (Passport) as I show mine.
  • Conduct the debate in a mature manner.
  • Demonstrate intellectual and reasoning capacity at an adult level.




  1. Sorry, you lost when you posted what is apparently his address.

    1. Oh there is much more than this my friend. :) No one is anonymous on the internet.

  2. Seriously Manny, you need help... You have obsessively stalked many people on twitter for months ... Can you not see the irony in this post? You have no idea who Rosa is nor will you ever .. You're just not that smart. I would suggest you get yourself a good shrink and beg for help ... And I mean BEG ( I fully expect you to delete this post but try and show at least a modicum of sanity) MsGrumpy

    1. That is not my name. Your insistence on calling me by a different name shows that you are the one who is in need of psychological help. I have not stalked anyone and you know this. I merely tweet my blog links and you and your friends storm my mentions. Anyone can search my mentions as realize this. By your comment I can see you are concerned and you should be, more is to come. If "Rubicondior" wants to behave in this way, the he must accept the consequences.

  3. Keep up the good fight!

  4. This obsession with Rosa isn't healthy. For the sake of whatever little sanity you have remaining - let it go.

    1. Have you told "Rosa" the same? I'm sure you have seen the defamatory posts on his blog which he tweeted on Twitter and got suspended for. If you have any integrity at all, you should be fair and ask the same of "Rosa."

  5. Since you are christian, I enjoy you causing harm to others and justifying it with your lack of technical knowledge and vague inuendo like you are hax&maddskillz so I doxxed,lol!

    . I am all over the web, pick a site and some peer reviewed scientific evidence to back up anything you claim. Any use of fallacious arguments in the manner that shows intention shall disqualify that claim. Normal rules. Peace.


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