Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jason Collins "Comes out"

Recently, Jason Collins, an NBA athlete made headlines for "coming out" as a gay man.  Even president Obama and others have come out in support of him.  The media is having a love affair with this story.

The talk is that now more athletes will be more comfortable in revealing their sexuality.  American sports has always been seen as manly.  The coming out of Collins is now being presented as "historical" and a source of inspiration for gays who are still in hiding.

I personally do not understand why the media even covers this.  A deranged abortionist named Gosnell is on trial for killing babies and there is no coverage.  Yet a relatively unknown basketball player says he is gay and the media cannot stop covering it.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Do they really think this will change anything in America?  This will only hurt athletes who are gay and are now potential targets.

Homosexuality in the sports world is something that is irrelevant and should not be mentioned.  People go to see sports, not sexuality.  Players on teams play under contract.  They are required to represent their teams via their sports skills, not sexuality.  The coming out of Collins will not do anything for young people who are on sports teams.  There will still be that feeling of uneasiness if a gay team mate is in the locker room with heterosexuals.  Nothing will change this.

Reporting stories like this is a complete waste of time and resources.  He is gay, so what?  Gay people exist globally, there is nothing new about another one revealing him/herself as such.


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