Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rosa Rubicondior Psychotic Episode

Rosa Rubicondior is having another psychotic episode as usual.  He is now posting a post on his blog information about a kid and trying to post it on me.

For the past week or so I have been offering to skype with Rosa and show ID, but of course, Rosa ignores this request.  Why?  Because it will disprove Rosa's claims.

A close examination of the information Rosa posted shows inconsistencies.  For example: the twitter account linked to the myspace is "Curatvs" and not "Sacerdotus."  The owner of that myspace is retweeting my posts.  Furthermore, that twitter account is suspended which leads me to believe that it was a parody account of me.  The retweets date around the time Rosa was trying to get me suspended.  

Rosa is again splicing random information he finds and trying to build a case that the individual(s) mentioned are me.  This is troubling indeed because it shows Rosa's unstable state of mind.

For one to take the time and energy to do this, to stalk someone is psychotic.  Rosa needs help.

Any atheist twitter account that believes this and spreads these lies will be reported.  I do not have time for these childish games.  I want to debate Rosa, not go back and forth with this nonsense.  Rosa is an adult and should know better.  Abusing a minor on his blog and twitter does not make him the winner of any debate.  It just shows that he is pathetic and will resort to any thing in order to save face.

I call on all my Twitter followers and blog readers to report @rosarubicondior, @Yhwh_TheLord and any account spreading these lies about me and abuse of a child.  Also report Rosa's blog and any other atheist blog that repost these lies.  Contact me for more information and for information on where Rubicondior lives.  He is not as anonymous as he thinks.

In any event, Rosa and his friends fell for the trap. :)  Stay tuned.


  1. From what I've seen, you two just seem to be calling each other nut cases.


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