Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's day.  I wish everyone a blessed day.  May our Lord bless all mothers, living and deceased, and of course grandmothers.

In a world threatened by social constructs that wish to destroy the family, we need to celebrate this day and remind ourselves that we must defend the natural family.

The mother is the most important person in society.  She brings forth the gift of life, nurtures the life and prepares the life for a world that is tough to live in.

It is no wonder why God tells us to honor our parents.  Yes, they can be a nag sometimes, but who else can we really trust other than a mother?  A mother has wisdom and love.  She knows us even when we think she has no clue.  A mother has a strong bond with her child(ren).

She will go at all lengths to protect her child(ren). There is a story my beloved friend and pastor who is with God and Our Lady now in heaven used to share during his homily.

There was a mother and child in town.  The classmates and friends of the child would tease him because his mother was not attractive.  She was burnt, disfigured and a sight children will stare at.  He being a youth wanted to fit in.  He wanted to be "cool."  That being said, he was embarrassed of having a mother who others saw as unattractive due to her injuries.  So one day out of frustration he yelled at his mom, 'why do you have to be so ugly!  they tease me at school, they bully me.. I hate you...'   The mother with teary eyes looked at him and said, 'my boy, I love you and what you say hurts me.  Do you know why I am like this?  I am like this because when you were a baby we had a fire and I passed through debris and fire to rescue you and take you out because I love you and can't bear the thought of losing you."  

May God bless all mothers and grandmothers.  Thank you mom and my grandmothers for always being there for me.  Thank you mom for being my everything.  Thank you Blessed Mother as well for saying YES to God.  Because of you, we have redemption!   

I thank both my physical and spiritual mothers.  

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