Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Flip Flops on "Gay Marriage"

In a move that possibly destroyed his reelection bid, President Obama said in an interview conducted by ABC that he supports so-called "gay marriage."

This became the "breaking news" of the day for some reason.  The media was following this with such fanaticism and made no attempt to mask their slanted reporting and jubilation.

Some reporters commented that Obama is now on the "right side of history" whatever that means.  Others were just elated and compared the news to the Civil rights movement in light of Obama being the first African American president.  It was just embarrassing for the American media.  

It is no surprise that this is all a set up.  North Carolina last night told the LGBT community and its attempt to socially engineer its state to go take a walk.   Moreover, thirty-eight states ban this social construct created by progressives with either its constitutions, statutes or amendments to them.  There is no way all 50 states would legalize so-called "gay marriage."  Even Obama said that he will leave it to the states.  Most of the states have already decided that its a "no thanks."

Only 8 states legalized it and those states are the ones that are run by progressives - surprise surprise.  In New York alone, the protocols used by the senate to pass bills was disregarded in order to make it easy for so-called "gay marriage" bill to pass.  Gov. Cuomo of course was there in person waiting to sign it.  Senator Ruben Diaz, the sole Democrat against it was not allowed to speak.

I remember watching it all on TV and thinking, "is this America?"  A week before, a bill that would've helped low-income residents who rent and the unemployed was stalled in the senate's bureaucracy!  Priority was given to this "gay marriage bill!"  It was preposterous especially in the bad times we are in now.  

It is clear that this social construct is not compatible with American values.  In California, the people voted it down and now the courts are trying to overrule the people!  Talk about tyranny.

President Obama in order to deflect attention from his lack of a good record is now using the LGBT agenda to once again present himself as the "hero" - "the man of hope and change."  Prior to today he refused to support so-called "gay marriage" and said marriage is between a man and a woman.  

He is flip flopping on the issue!  It is so obvious that this man is desperate and is trying everything to present to the American people that he is what he promised to be back in 2008.  

I am extremely disappointed that our president has chosen to support a social construct that only wishes to socially engineer our nation in order to benefit a minority group.  No one, no group is worth throwing away our core values and beliefs.  We lose who we are if we do so.  

This man is not a good leader.  He sinks quickly in any situation and "lends his arm to be twisted." (to borrow from a Puerto Rican elderly lady I heard this from.)  He has no conviction at all and this is needed in a president. 

God help us all if this guy is reelected.  God help America if it continues to adopt social constructs that are contrary to the natural law.  



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