Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Death of Osama Bin Laden 1st year Anniversary

A year has passed since the most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden was shot to death in Pakistan.  After 10 years on the run, he was finally found and faced justice, according to some.

Ironically, he was killed on the consecutive 9th month starting from September in the "11th" year.

I remember the day clearly.  People took to the streets in celebration just as people in some Arab nations took to the streets to celebrate the attacks on September 11, 2011.  "We got the bastard" could be heard on tv from revelers.

Was this justice?  Does killing crazy people stop crazy things from happening?  The answers can vary depending on how one sees things.

A nation and a person have the right to self preservation.  When a nation or person doesn't defend its/his/her interests, this lack of action in a way encourages future attacks.  Let's take the United States of America's history with terrorism for example.

The country was recently attacked by Muslim extremists in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2001.  Notice the pattern.  The attacks became more frequent.  This was  because the terrorists saw that the United States of America did nothing to retaliate or prevent attacks.  This lack of action gave the message that the United States of America either was weak, doesn't care, or cannot prevent surprise attacks.

President Clinton was president during these years and obviously homeland security was not a major concern for him.  Perhaps he was too busy with interns...  

When President Bush took over as president, things changed.  Immediately after the September 11 attacks, action was taken.  The nation took the "fight to them," to paraphrase from Bush.  Since then, no attacks have occurred and any attacks attempted were thwarted.  Unfortunately Bush got a bit carried away and began declaring unjust wars in the name of "war on terror."  

President Obama now seems to keep homeland security an issue but wants to cut down the military.  This may or may not be a good thing in today's world.

The death of Bin Laden does not guarantee that terrorism is over.  Al Qaida is still out there and has the zeal to continue plotting against the United States of America.

It is sad to see Democrats and President Obama use the death of Bin Laden on their political resume.  However the Republicans and Bush did the same with September 11 in 2004.

I personally side with the Vatican in that we shouldn't celebrate anyone's death.

“This morning, following the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, P. Federico Lombardi, issued the following statement to reporters:
Osama Bin Laden - as everyone knows - has had the gravest responsibility for spreading hatred and division among people, causing the deaths of countless people, and exploiting religion for this purpose.
Faced with the death of a man, a Christian never rejoices, but reflects on the serious responsibility of everyone before God and man, and hopes and pledges that every event is not an opportunity for a further growth of hatred, but of peace.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/vatican-statement-on-bin-ladens-death#ixzz1tm8IA73b

I would have preferred seeing Bin Laden on trial forced to see the faces of the victims and their families. Forced to face America all alone in our court system.  

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