Friday, May 25, 2012

Etan Patz

Since 1979 a young boy named Etan Patz has been missing.  He was last seen in a neighborhood in lower Manhattan.  For years many "leads" have popped up, but none were credible.  None even gave a hint as to the boy's whereabouts or if he was even alive.  He was the first child put on a milk carton as a way to alert people of missing children.    

Recently the case was reopened.  A basement in a nearby building where Patz was last seen was torn apart but no evidence was found.  A man was a suspect for a while, but was then let go because of no leads indicating any involvement.

Today a man from New Jersey, Pedro Fernandez revealed to the NYPD that he killed the young boy after luring him into a Bodega where he worked.  He claims he suffocated and put the boy in a bag and then in a box, left the box on the street and when he went to retrieve it, the box was gone.  In another story, he says he stabbed the boy.  The NYPD is now trying to sort everything out to see if this man is telling the truth, is seeking attention, or is mentally ill.

I pray and hope something comes up that will put closure to this young man's family.  It pains my heart to hear that the family never changed their number since the 70's in hope Etan would call them.  It is horrible to hear these stories, but it is the reality of the evil human beings can do.

Parents and guardians, please take care of the young.  Do not let them go out alone for whatever reason until they are at least in their teens.   I personally do not believe kids in pre-k to 7th grade should be left to go to and from school or anywhere alone.  Kids may give off the appearance of maturity, but they are still kids!  

UPDATE:  Pedro Hernandez was charged and is said to have mental illness.  He is bipolar and has hallucinations.

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