Thursday, May 3, 2012

Queer Savage...

LGBT activist Dan Savage is indeed an "intellectual savage."  He is responsible for the futile nonsensical "it gets better" propaganda in which actors were paid to give false hope to homosexuals that somehow life will get better for them.

This propaganda is unrealistic and ignores the fact that children will be children and will resort to bullying and teasing one another.  It is part of "growing up."
Adults even bully each other.

Not even LGBT youth who committed suicide Jamie Hubley believed in this propaganda.

Savage was invited to speak to a group of high school students who are studying journalism.  Instead of being professional, he began mocking the Bible and Christianity.  He even insinuated that the Pope was a homosexual.  I was going to post the video here but decided not to because the whole thing is disgusting and shows how immature and ridiculous this character is.

Many students got up and walked out on him and I applaud them for that!  These are brave young kids who showed that they will not be pontificated to.  They will not be brainwashed with LGBT fallacious rhetoric.

Ironically, Savage who is against bullying began to mock and bully the kids who walked out!  This guy is either mentally ill or an imbecile.  Who can respect someone like this?  He is a hypocrite who is against the bullying of one group but promotes the bullying of another.  He is a hate monger who deserves to have everyone walk out on him.  

Schools, colleges, institutions, please don't waste money hiring this ignorant bigot.  Use that money to buy books, computers and other things for educational uses.    


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