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V is for Vattene! Archbishop Vigano Excommunicated for Schism

The Vatican's Excommunication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: A Detailed Examination

While America was celebrating its independence day, the Vatican was giving "independence" to Archbishop Vigano via excommunication. 

The recent news of the excommunication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has sent ripples through the Catholic community and beyond. The Vatican's decision is a significant event in the Church's history, reflecting its commitment to preserving unity and doctrinal integrity.

Archbishop Viganò, who previously served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, was found guilty of schism after a thorough investigation by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. This verdict was reached following his public statements that rejected the legitimacy of Pope Francis and the Second Vatican Council.

Schism, as defined by the Code of Canon Law, is a grave offense against the unity of the Church. It involves the refusal to submit to the Pope's authority or to maintain communion with members of the Church who are subject to him. The penalty for such an offense is excommunication latae sententiae, which is automatically incurred at the moment the act is committed.

The excommunication of Archbishop Viganò underscores the seriousness with which the Church views the crime of schism. It is not merely a punitive measure but also a call to reflection and reconciliation. The Church's laws are designed to protect the faith and ensure that its teachings are not distorted by individual interpretations that deviate from the core doctrines.

Understanding the Impact of Excommunication in the Catholic Church

Excommunication is a term that often brings to mind images of medieval banishments and severe ecclesiastical penalties. However, the modern Catholic Church views excommunication not as a punitive end, but as a medicinal means to guide the excommunicated back to the fold of the Church. The effects of excommunication are specific and aim to awaken an individual to their wrongdoing, encouraging repentance and reconciliation with the Church community.

When a person is excommunicated, they are restricted from participating in certain sacraments and ecclesiastical functions. This includes being barred from receiving the Eucharist, the central sacrament of the Catholic faith. Additionally, an excommunicated individual cannot receive sacramental absolution, except in danger of death, nor can they exercise any ecclesiastical offices, ministries, or functions, or place acts of governance.

It's important to note that excommunication does not mean a person is condemned or permanently cast out from the Church. The baptized individual still retains their Christian identity and remains subject to the Church's jurisdiction. The ultimate goal of excommunication is to encourage the person to reflect on their actions, seek forgiveness, and return to full communion with the Church.

The process of lifting excommunication typically involves sincere repentance and confession of the offense. The individual must approach a priest or bishop with the authority to absolve the specific censure, express contrition, and fulfill any prescribed penance. Once these steps are completed, the person can be fully reintegrated into the life of the Church.

In summary, excommunication is a serious but reversible condition in the Catholic Church. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of actions that sever one from the communal and sacramental life of the Church. Yet, it also stands as an invitation to conversion and renewal, emphasizing the Church's enduring commitment to mercy and reconciliation. For those seeking more information on the subject, resources are available through Catholic education platforms and official Church documents.

The process leading to the excommunication was marked by due diligence and adherence to canonical procedures. Archbishop Viganò was given ample opportunity to defend himself, including the option to appoint an advocate or present a written defense. His decision not to engage with the process was respected, but it ultimately led to the imposition of the penalty.

The timing of the announcement, coinciding with America's Independence Day, has been noted by observers and commentators. Some see it as a symbolic gesture, emphasizing the universal nature of the Church's laws, transcending national celebrations and temporal concerns.

The excommunication is a reminder of the Church's dedication to maintaining its unity and the integrity of its teachings. It also serves as a sobering example of the consequences of actions that threaten the cohesion of the Catholic community. The Church needs to go farther by excommunication others as well who are causing division: Taylor Marshall, One Peter Five, Mike Lewis, Fr. James Martin, President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Fr. Z, Rorate Caeli blogger, and many others.  These distort the Catholic faith for their own agendas and cause division among Catholics.  

In conclusion, the excommunication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is a significant moment for the Catholic Church. It highlights the importance of unity and the dangers of schism within the ecclesiastical structure. The Church continues to uphold its traditions and laws, affirming its commitment to the spiritual well-being of its faithful and the preservation of its foundational beliefs.


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