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Fall of Pride: Not a 'Gay' Day

Proverbs 16:18 says that pride comes before the fall or destruction. These words are deep, and it seems they took to reality during Pride NYC on June 30, 2024.  Gay Pride is an event rooted in New York City and Gay history. It is meant to be a "uniting" force where "diversity" is celebrated as one. However, it was not the case this time around without excluding previous issues in the past.  First, the parade was interrupted by pro-Hamas protesters, then some brawls took place related to the parade and an act of God forced the cancelation of the rest of the event. It was a huge rainbow dumpster fire. 

The recent events at Washington Square Park in New York City have brought to light the complex dynamics of public spaces and the challenges of maintaining safety during large gatherings. On June 30, 2024, what was meant to be a celebration of Pride Month ended in a series of unfortunate incidents, as multiple brawls broke out among the attendees. Whether it was the heat or sexual frustration, there was a lot of emotion and energy that triggered brawls at Pride NYC.  First, let us briefly introduce what this event is. 

What is Pride?

The history of NYC Pride is a tapestry of struggle, celebration, and community that has evolved significantly over the years. It all began with the Stonewall Uprising of 1969, a pivotal moment in LGBTQIA+ history. In the early hours of June 28, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a bar in Greenwich Village, New York, which was a safe haven for the city's gay community. This time, however, the patrons fought back, leading to several days of demonstrations and clashes with law enforcement.

The following year, on June 28, 1970, the first Gay Pride March, then known as Christopher Street Liberation Day, was held to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. This march set the precedent for Pride parades not only in New York City but around the world. The event was a powerful statement against discrimination and a public display of unity for the LGBTQIA+ rights movement.

In 1973, one of the early victories for the movement was achieved when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM-II, its manual of mental disorders, recognizing that being gay is not a mental illness. This was a significant step forward in changing public perceptions and reducing stigma.  Note that the removal of homosexuality from the DSM-II was not based on scientific empirical studies, but due to political pressure and social engineering efforts. In the last decade or so, it was discovered that there is no "gay gene." Homosexuality is not rooted in biology or genetics, therefore, scholars in the 1970s had no way to verify whether it was natural or not from a physiological point. 

The 1980s brought the devastating AIDS epidemic, which had a profound impact on the gay community. NYC Pride became a platform to raise awareness about AIDS and to remember those who had been lost to the disease. The community rallied together, showing incredible resilience in the face of this crisis.

Heritage of Pride, the organization that now plans and produces New York City's official LGBTQIA+ Pride events, was founded in 1984. It took over from the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, ensuring that the legacy of Stonewall and the fight for equality continued to be honored each year.

The NYC Pride March has grown exponentially over the years, becoming one of the largest and most well-known Pride events in the world. It attracts millions of participants and spectators who gather to celebrate diversity, progress, and the ongoing pursuit of equal rights.

The march itself is a vibrant display of activism, remembrance, and joy. It serves as a reminder of the challenges the LGBTQIA+ community has faced and the victories it has achieved. It's a time to reflect on the past, empower individuals, and unite for a future where everyone can live openly and authentically.

NYC Pride is not just a march; it's a series of events that include rallies, parties, lectures, and cultural activities that take place throughout June, known as Pride Month. These events provide a space for connection, education, and celebration. Each borough in NYC has its "pride" event which leads to the major even at the Pride March. As NYC Pride continues to evolve, it remains a symbol of hope, a beacon of inclusivity, and a testament to the power of the gay community. It's a celebration that honors the past, energizes the present, and inspires the future of the LGBTQIA+ movement. However, things are not looking so good now. 

The altercations, which included fistfights and hair-pulling, resulted in several arrests and left many concerned about the underlying tensions that led to such chaos. The New York City Police Department reported that 15 individuals were taken into custody for various charges, including assault and disorderly conduct. One man was even shot and taken to a local hospital. The violence stretched on for hours, with videos circulating online showing the mayhem that unfolded.  

Here are some of the videos posted on X (formerly Twitter):

Such events raise questions about the role of law enforcement, the responsibilities of event organizers, and the actions of individuals in ensuring that public celebrations do not escalate into violence. It also underscores the importance of community engagement and proactive measures to prevent similar situations in the future.

Washington Square Park, known for its vibrant atmosphere and historical significance, is a symbol of the diverse and dynamic nature of New York City. It is a place where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy the freedom of expression and the joy of community. However, this incident serves as a reminder that with the privilege of such a space comes the duty to respect one another and the law.

As the city reflects on these events, it is crucial to engage in a dialogue about how to better safeguard our public spaces and ensure that they remain welcoming and inclusive for all. The spirit of Pride is presented as one of acceptance and celebration of diversity, and it is vital that this spirit is not overshadowed by acts of violence if the gay community wishes to remain respectable to the rest of society. 

The community, along with local authorities, must work together to address the issues that contribute to such disturbances. This includes examining the adequacy of security measures, the need for more effective crowd control strategies, and the importance of fostering a culture of non-violence and mutual respect.  This is in fact the symbolism behind the "Pride" flag. It is suppose to show diversity of different subcultures within the gay community but as one cloth, so to speak.

New York City's Pride celebrations are billed as a testament to the progress made in the fight for LGBTQ rights and the ongoing struggle for equality. It is imperative that the city continues to uphold these values and ensure that every individual feels safe and valued, not just during Pride Month, but throughout the year.

Not only were there issues a Washington Square park, but the recent Pride parade in New York City, a vibrant celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms, was marked by an unexpected interruption. A group of protestors advocating for Palestinian rights chose this high-profile event to make their voices heard, leading to a clash of causes on the streets of Greenwich Village.

The incident unfolded as the parade approached the iconic Christopher Street, near the historic Stonewall Inn, a symbol of queer activism and liberation. The protestors, bearing messages of solidarity with Palestine, disrupted the procession, leading to a temporary halt of the festivities. Their actions included splattering red paint on the parade route, on revelers and a float, symbolizing their protest against what they perceive as the pinkwashing of the Palestinian struggle by certain organizations participating in the parade.

This act of civil disobedience brings to light the complex interplay between different social justice movements. The protestors' message was clear: there can be no true liberation for one community if it comes at the expense of another. They challenged the attendees and organizers of Pride to consider the broader implications of their alliances and sponsorships, highlighting the intersectionality of human rights issues.

The New York Police Department responded to the situation by taking several individuals into custody, a move that sparked further debate about the appropriate balance between protest and celebration, and the rights of individuals to express dissenting views during public events.

The Pride parade, which has long been a platform for not only celebration but also for political action and advocacy, once again proved to be a space where critical conversations about inclusivity, solidarity, and justice were brought to the forefront. As the city reflects on the events of the day, it becomes evident that the path towards true equality and liberation is one that requires continuous dialogue, understanding, and the willingness to listen to diverse voices within the community.

The unfolding events at the NYC Pride parade serve as a reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by various marginalized groups and the importance of solidarity across movements. It underscores the necessity for inclusive platforms that respect and amplify all voices fighting for justice and equality.

In response to the interruption at the NYC Pride parade, the organizers emphasized their commitment to safety and the continuation of the event as planned. They acknowledged the increase in threats and harassment but stated that they would not succumb to fear. The organizers have reportedly enhanced their security protocols and are in close coordination with local and federal authorities to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the intersectionality of social justice movements and the importance of solidarity. The Pride organizers' stance reflects a determination to uphold the spirit of the event while navigating the complexities of diverse political expressions within the community. This approach underscores the ongoing efforts to create inclusive spaces that respect and amplify all voices fighting for justice and equality.

Act of God against NYC Pride: Weathering the Storm

New York City's Pride celebrations are a vibrant and powerful expression of community and solidarity, a tradition that has been observed for over half a century. This year, the city prepared to host its 54th annual Pride March with the theme "Reflect. Empower. Unite." It was canceled during the Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown but was later restored. However, the festivities faced an unexpected challenge this year 2024: severe weather conditions.

As the weekend approached, forecasts predicted a mix of heat, humidity, and severe storms, with a tornado threat on Saturday and more turbulent weather on Sunday evening. Despite these predictions, the spirit of Pride attempted a resilient stance. The march, a commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising and a demonstration for civil rights stepped off as planned on June 30, 2024, or so they believed.

Tens of thousands gathered, adorning the streets of Manhattan with a kaleidoscope of colors, embodying this year's theme. Grand marshals and community leaders led the way, reflecting on the journey of LGBTQIA+ rights, empowering individuals through visibility, and uniting diverse voices in a collective call for equality and joy.

The march began at 25th Street and Fifth Avenue, near Madison Square Park, winding its way through iconic landmarks such as the Stonewall National Monument and the New York City AIDS Memorial before concluding at 16th Street. Participants and spectators alike braved the sweltering heat, which only seemed to fuel the march's energetic atmosphere.

As the day progressed, the weather took a turn. Dark clouds loomed, and the winds picked up, signaling the onset of the anticipated storms. The march attempted to continued as a testament to the enduring courage and determination of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies, but nature had other plans. It began to rain and the weather turned for the worse forcing the Gay Pride parade/march to be canceled. The event's organizers, Heritage of Pride, had prepared for such contingencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees, however, these efforts were not enough against Mother Nature.  

In past years, rainbows have appeared over NYC during Pride bringing homosexuals to claim God was on "their side," However, the weather at NYC Pride in 2024 shows otherwise. God seemed to have wanted the Gay Pride March to stop. 

The NYC Pride March is more than just a parade; it is a symbol of the ongoing struggle for queer liberation and the celebration of the progress made. It is a reminder that, even in the face of adversity—be it discrimination or a storm—the community stands strong, united by a shared history and hope for the future.

As the last floats passed and the crowds began to disperse, the rain started to pour. But the storm did not dampen the spirits of those who marched despite forcing a premature cancelation. Instead, it served as a metaphor for some of the challenges the LGBTQIA+ community has faced and overcome. The rain to some gay participants, like the obstacles of the past, was transient, and the message of Pride remained clear and undiminished.

The NYC Pride March of 2024 will be remembered not only for its jubilant celebration but also for its problems with crowds and planning for things in the face of a storm. However, to some, it is a powerful reminder that when a community comes together, it can weather any storm and emerge stronger and more united than ever. Pride is not just a moment in time; it is a movement for those who support it that continues to push forward, no matter what stands in its way.

As the gay community moves forward, it has to learn from these incidents and strive to create a more harmonious environment where differences are celebrated, and peace is maintained. It is only through collective effort and understanding that they can hope to prevent such occurrences and honor the true meaning of community and Pride.  If not, the events are all for show and perversion.  

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