Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Illegal Migrants to Received Pre-Paid Debit Cards

As American citizens in New York City struggle to pay the high rents, utilities, and inflation driven prices of food, gas and other necessities, illegal migrants will get free money. 

A family of four migrants with two children under age 17 could receive up to $15,200 a year under New York City's controversial new $53 million program that provides pre-paid credit cards to asylum seekers. The initiative, known as the Immediate Response Card, aims to assist migrants with food expenses while they await authorization to work from the federal government.

How It Works

- The pre-paid credit cards are not traditional credit cards; they are **pre-paid debit cards** specifically designated for purchasing food and baby supplies.

- Participants can use these cards at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

- The program is designed to cut costs and replace the current food services offered in short-term hotel shelters.

- As part of a one-year pilot program, the city will initially roll out the pre-paid cards to 500 newly arrived families at the Roosevelt Hotel. If successful, it could expand to include a maximum of 6,500 families.

Amounts Received by Asylum Seeker Families

- A single migrant could receive $345 per month.

- A family of three could receive $932 per month.

- A family of four could net a $1,195 allowance per month for use at designated retailers.

- Monthly amounts increase for those with children: $100 per month for kids under 5 and $36 for children aged 5 to 17 years.

- Pregnant asylum seekers can also receive an additional $36 per month on their pre-paid cards.

Savings and Economic Stimulus

- New York City has allocated $53 million to this pilot program, which officials estimate will save $600,000 per month and $7.2 million annually.

- Beyond cost savings, officials hope that using these cards at local retailers will help stimulate the local economy.

In summary, while some social media posts have mischaracterized this program as providing credit cards to migrants, it is important to clarify that these are pre-paid debit cards specifically intended for essential goods like food and baby supplies. The goal is to support migrants while they await work authorization from the federal government.

While the need to care for strangers is biblical, we need to be smart about it. We have our own people who need help, particularly veterans who sacrificed their lives to serve our nation. Next we have the poor who are poor through no fault of their own and those bordering poverty who struggle to pay the exaggerated rents and bills in New York City. Let us not forget our schools which are often neglected. Students do not use textbooks anymore. They have outdated comptuers, I-Pads and tablets. The list goes on and on. We have our own problems and need to care for our own first before we can even attempt to help others. This is why the border needs to be closed and a vetting system installed so that those migrants can come legally and with genuine intentions to work in this nation and hopefully become a citizen. 

Giving out pre-paid debit or credit cards is unfair to taxpayers who did not ask for their money to be spent in this way. Moreover, it will give illegal immigrants an incentive to come here even more. If you can go into another nation, get bussed to a city and given free food and housing and now money, what do you think will happen next?  We will see an influx of illegal immigrants flocking for this dream turned reality.  The desire to work will vanish as it often happens with Americans on the Welfare, SNAP, face-to-face system. They become complacent despite the hardships these programs give when applying and maintaining a case.  

Again, elections have consequences. If New Yorkers continue to vote for politicians who endorse an open border and favoring illegal immigrantion over American citizens, then this will continue. We are already seeing the crime wave being perpetuated by a good number of these illegal migrants.  It is an invasion and our taxpayers are paying for it.  Let us help those who truly need it but do it wisely. 

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NYC migrant families could make up to $15K per year under controversial $53M pre-paid credit card program (

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