Saturday, February 3, 2024

Attack on NYPD Officers in Times Square: No Bail for Suspects Sparks Controversy

A recent attack on two NYPD officers in Times Square has ignited outrage and raised questions about the handling of suspects involved. Critics are demanding answers as to why some of the arrested individuals were quickly released back onto the streets without bail.

The Incident

Nearly a week ago, a group of attackers assaulted two police officers in Times Square, resulting in injuries. The incident left many wondering why certain suspects were not held in custody pending trial.

The Bail Decision

The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, initially avoided addressing why his office did not seek bail for several of the suspects. Some of these individuals have reportedly fled the state since their release. When questioned by NBC New York, Bragg declined to comment on whether not requesting bail was a mistake. Instead, he simply stated, "We'll speak in court."

Public Outcry and Demands for Accountability

The decision not to seek bail has sparked controversy. Critics argue that an assault on police officers should warrant detention. New York Governor Kathy Hochul expressed her disagreement with the suspects' release and called for their deportation. She emphasized that the issue lies not with weak bail laws but with failing to utilize existing laws effectively.

Behind Closed Doors

Governor Hochul met privately with DA Bragg to discuss the incident. Although Bragg was absent when Hochul emerged for a news conference with other district attorneys from Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester, she expressed confidence that additional charges would be brought against the attackers.

Clarification from DA Bragg

Hours later, Alvin Bragg held a press conference to clarify his position. He asserted that assaults on police officers would not be tolerated. Bragg watched video footage to identify each suspect's role in the group assault.

The situation remains contentious as authorities grapple with balancing justice and public safety. The decision not to seek bail has drawn scrutiny, and further developments are anticipated as investigations continue.

This story is just mind-boggling.  There was once a time when it was a felony to attack a police officer. How times have changed!  These illegal immigrants attack two cops and then are released. It was said they fled the state of New York to California or Mexico, but this was disproved. A few of them were arrested again for other crimes.  This is just despicable.  The DA claims they did not have enough evidence to keep these thugs in jail, yet we have a clear video of the attack. What more do they need?

Luckily, pressure from fellow liberals brought the DA to charge these thugs and issue arrest warrants. They are now going to face justice and will hopefully be deported and barred from reentering the country. It is a bad time to be an NYPD officer now with these politicians in power. The Bail Reform law has empowered criminals to do this. The open borders and lawlessness there have empowered these ungrateful illegal immigrants to come here and commit crimes believing they will get scott-free.  Elections have consequences. New Yorkers and other "sanctuary cities" need to wake up. We cannot continue on this path.  

The Federal Government must also secure the border and vet whoever wants to enter this country legally. We cannot have people storming the border like a horde of zombies or walkers from the Walking Dead franchise. These thugs who attacked the NYPD officers are said to be members of gangs in South and Central America.  These are the people we are letting into our nation.  

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Yorman Reveron, NYC migrant accused of beating cops, whines as judge sets $100K bail (

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