Friday, February 23, 2024

Illegal Migrants Attack Cops Again But at Randall's Island

In a chaotic scene that unfolded at the increasingly lawless Randall’s Island tent city, one person was arrested after a dramatic caught-on-video confrontation between NYPD officers and migrants. The incident occurred when an unnamed individual, who was not supposed to be at the facility, was asked to leave by officials. The exact reason for their presence or what led up to the scuffle remains unclear.

The situation escalated rapidly, with separate cameras capturing different angles of the violent clash. On the video, we can see a group of cops attempting to restrain and arrest a male individual as illegal migrants shout at cops and throw objects. They threw what looked like cooler bags, cups, and other dinnerware. Cots and other furniture were thrown about in the scuffle.  Security from the tent were heard shouting to surround the cops to shield them from the violent and angry mob of illegal migrants. 

This incident just came weeks after an incident in Timeswas Square where illegal migrants attacked two cops (see:Sacerdotus: Attack on NYPD Officers in Times Square: No Bail for Suspects Sparks Controversy).  In this situation,  police officers initially demanded that the group disperse on the night of January 27. However, one uniformed officer suddenly grabbed migrant Yohenry Brito as he pushed a baby stroller carrying his belongings. In an audio recording, Brito can be heard referring to the officers in Spanish, saying, “They look like Ugly Betty.” The officer then led Brito against a building wall as other migrants who had been walking away made a U-turn and appeared to inquire about Brito's actions.

As a second cop spoke to the rest of the group, Brito, 24, flailed in an attempt to evade the first officer. Chaos ensued as both cops struggled to detain Brito across a stretch of sidewalk near 42nd Street and 7th Avenue. Other migrants joined the scuffle, attempting to help Brito break free. Some took turns kicking at the officers while they wrestled on the ground with Brito. In one instance, a migrant wiped out when attempting a kick but missed everything and struck only air. Another migrant dressed in all white—identified as Yorman Reveron—pulled and pushed police off of Brito, who had lost his jacket and shirt during the struggle. Reveron then helped Brito to his feet, and they both fled from the scene.

The bodycam footage also revealed the immense struggle between Brito and the two officers as other migrants assaulted police. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for deploying the National Guard. At least 12 suspects were allegedly involved in this attack; six have been arrested, while five were released on bail, leaving some still at large.

This highly publicized case has drawn attention during an election year, with political debates surrounding law enforcement responses and migrant rights. As prosecutors announced seven indictments related to this incident, tensions remain high in New York City.  There is no word about any charges regarding the new incident at Randall's Island.  

In any event, American citizens need to wake up and stop voting in officials who are facilitating this invasion of illegal migrants.  The borders need to be closed and these individuals sent back to their countries of origin until a vetting process is set up that will allow legitimate asylum seekers to enter our nation and who are tracked so they will not try to remain here illegally. 



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VIDEO: NYPD cops attacked making arrest at Randall's Island migrant shelter ( NYPD cops attacked making arrest at Randall's Island migrant shelter (

NYPD pelted with backpacks, bottles making arrest at NYC migrant shelter | Fox News

NYPD cops attacked making arrest at Randall’s Island migrant shelter (

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