Thursday, March 15, 2018

Time to Grow up! Toy'R'Us Closing

Since the fall, the famed toys store Toys 'R' Us has been on the news due to bankruptcy. After the holiday, executives at the big box store thought things would be better.  However, this did not happen. Last week, rumors were circling social media that the big toy store would close all its stores. That week is now upon us and according to the Wall Street Journal, an official said that employees were informed about the demise of Toys 'R' Us. This official said that employees were told that all stores in the United States of America will close and that there will be liquidation sales posted.  The official Twitter account has not tweeted any announcement nor has there been any official statement to the press.  The Twitter account posted a tweet last week stating that all stores are open for business.

So far, the news is that the big toy store will be closing for good. Many blame Amazon, Target and Walmart for the failure of Toys 'R' Us. Others blame the big salaries chief executives collect. In any event, we live in a time where brick and mortar stores have been suffering greatly. Online sales are more popular.  No one wants to go out to shop anymore, especially younger Americans.  Everything is at one's fingertips on a cell phone or tablet these days. Moreover, the experience of shopping in store is not always so pleasant. Stores are often crowded with long lines at the check out. Prices are also an issue. Toys 'R' Us often sold toys at very high prices.  However, they do match prices with other stores. Then there is the unprofessionalism from employees.  Take this experience from one of my followers on Twitter who complained to Toys 'R' Us about an rude and unprofessional employee:

With this kind of experience, who would want to shop here?  In any event, the store will be missed.  I have many memories as a child going there, as well as, going there with my nephew and niece and watching their faces light up.  Hopefully, this report is just hearsay and the store will thrive or be bought by another company who knows how to manage a business in this new era of business.  Over 30, 000 jobs are at stake.  If not, then it is time for all of us to finally grow up and become neurotic and miserable adults in this crazy society. 

UPDATE March 16, 2018:

It seems that it is true that Toys 'R' Us is going out of business. I found these tweets from their accounts which shows that they are preparing to close.


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