Friday, March 9, 2018

Puerto Rican Suicides Skyrocket

According to a report, the number of suicides in Puerto Rico has skyrocketed. Over 200 have committed suicide in 2017 after Hurricane Maria devastated the tropical island. Each day, several Puerto Ricans are committing suicide. Calls to suicide hotlines have increased dramatically.  People are finding themselves hopeless despite many a goods being sent to the island on a daily basis.

Millions of dollars and goods have been collected in the months following the hurricane. However, some Puerto Ricans still find themselves in great need. Many of their homes were obliterated by the strong storm. To date, electricity and clean running water are no longer accessible to many on the island.

The lack of basic necessities and living conditions that rival those of the 1800's has caused many Puerto Ricans on the island to reach breaking points. More needs to be done to address the needs of those on the island, including psychological and spiritual ones. Catholic bishops in Puerto Rico must do more to reach out to the people and remind them that they are not abandoned. The situation is sad and must be addressed. Puerto Ricans are American citizens as well despite their island having the title of Commonwealth.

This situation should remind us also how depending on "modern" things is not good. Puerto Ricans have lived off the land since the founding of the nation by Spain. To think that Puerto Ricans are so dependent on manufactured goods is unfortunate. Their ancestors would have simply lived off the land, purified water using simple means and rebuild their humble homes.  In any event, we must help the Puerto Rican people.  Calling hotlines is not enough.



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