Friday, March 23, 2018

Richard Dawkins Concerned Over Decline of European Christianity

Alleged atheist, Dr. Richard Dawkins who is known for his antics and bigotry against Muslims and Christians is now lamenting the decline of Christianity in Europe.

For the past decade, some have associated the lack of religious participation as a decline in Christianity and increase of immigrants from Islamic nations.

Some atheists have attributed this to atheist propaganda being spread online and in universities and Europes open borders policies. However, this is not so. What is happening is that people are not attending religious services. If there are no people going to religious services, then there is no attendance. This does not mean that there are not people joining religious faiths in Europe. In fact, Spain is seeing an increase in seminarians.

Dawkins seems to be showing some concern at this decline. He tweeted on Wednesday:

Here we see that Dawkins apparently hates Muslims more than he does Christians. He describes Christianity as a "benign" religion. Dawkins has stated before that he has not seen Christians blow themselves up or do anything similar to that of Islamist terrorists. He is now cautioning atheists against celebrating the news from a recent report which claims there is a sharp decline in Christianity in several European nations.

I believe Dawkins' concern is more about the decline of Caucasians in Europe. A similar fear is taking hold among White conservatives in the United States of America.  Many of them are afraid that America is now becoming "brown" due to an increase in Hispanics.  In Europe, there are some who believe that the continent is a "White" land and should stay that way.


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