Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump to Meet in May

In a surprisingly turn of events, it was just announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald J. Trump are planning to meet. Earlier today, Trump stated that there would be a big announcement by South Korean officials visiting Washington. Many speculated as to what the announcement would be. Days before, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with leaders of South Korea and seemed jovial. News outlets reported that he seemed to have decided to change course.

South Korean officials announced that Kim Jong Un wanted to meet and talk with the current US president. The talks will involve denuclearization. Trump agreed to meet with him sometime in May. In the meantime, North Korean will be suspending its nuclear missile tests. Talks schedule for May will be geared towards reaching an agreement to end North Korea's nuclear program and ease sanctions placed against the nation by the United States of America, China and other nations.

It seems as if the sanctions have been working alongside the "tough-talk" by President Trump. Trump tweeted this on his personal twitter account:

Many are asking the president to be cautious with Kim Jong Un. North Korea has engaged in this kind of conduct in the past only to back away from any talks. Others are upset with Trump for giving legitamacy to Kim Jong Un's regime. Only time will tell what will happen and if anything good will come out of the planned talks. There are also security concerns. The Secret Service will have their hands busy, so to speak if this meeting takes place. It is possible that North Korea may try to assasinate the president.



  1. Sacerdotus, I was born 10/26/1991, raised catholic, and was a devout catholic from 2007 until April 2016, when I became an atheist. My first questions for you are: #1: How owed you feel if you were convinced to go back to being an atheist? Would you fall to your knees and scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"? Would you panic? #2 What would it take to convert you back to atheism? Please don't answer "Nothing would ever do that".

    1. As a former atheist, I pretty much know every argument out there in favor of atheism. It will be extremely unlikely that I would ever return to atheism. It has no strong arguments, only speculative reasoning. It would take really strong evidence showing that God is not real for me to really reconsider atheism. As it stands, atheism simply is not intellectually viable.


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