Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oumuamua An Alien Spaceship or Probe

Last month I posted about an asteroid named Oumuamua which is shaped like a cigar and passed by the Earth in October of this year see: The asteroid itself was fascinating and had scientists surprised. This was mainly because of the shape and the origin of the asteroid which came from another star system.

However, some scientists are going a bit further. They are claiming that this asteroid may have been an extraterrestrial spaceship or probe. Even renown physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking believes this object may not be a natural creation. The rationale behind this is the manner in which the object is traveling and its shape. According to them, Oumuamua is moving independently of our sun's gravitational pull. Asteroids that travel in our solar system or any system with a star get caught in that star's gravitational pull.

However, Oumuamua seems to have a propulsion that operates against the gravity of the sun. This is extremely odd and may indicate that this may be an artificial device with engines. Moreover, the way it is tumbling in space looks like a ship whose engines have been damaged. The shape of the object is also interesting. A cylindrical shape would be a better shape for a ship to have in order to travel in space. It produces less friction and will travel faster. This is why our own planes and rockets are cylindrical in shape. Scientists will be scanning Oumuamua for any signals.

Scientists will use the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope to listen for any radio signals for about 10 hours. This news is fascinating and had me excited. To learn that we are not alone in the universe in regards to physical life would be amazing news. However, I am extremely skeptical that this asteroid is an alien vessel or probe. Perhaps these scientists have been watching Star Trek the Voyage Home where a cylindrical probe visited Earth looking for whales.

As with most things in science, they are based on hypothesis or guesses. I was disappointed to learn that there were no alien signals detected emanating from Oumuamua. This means that Oumuamua is just an asteroid. There is no technology on or in it, no engines, no circuitry or passengers. The asteroid is probably the remains of a planet far away. Its reddish hue may be iron deposits and maybe a piece of a planet's tectonic plates. I think those scientists who made conclusions that Oumuamua was an alien ship should be more careful. Their reputation is on the line. If it looks like a rock in space and acts like a rock in space, then it most likely is a rock in space! I seriously doubt that an advanced alien civilization will travel in an asteroid. What are they, the Flintstones alien race?!?


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