Wednesday, February 1, 2017

U.C. Berkeley Riots Against 'Provocateur' & 'Dangerous Faggot' Milo Yiannopoulos

Self-proclaim provocateur and "Dangerous Faggot," Milo Yiannopoulos was schedule to speak at UC Berkeley today. However, his talk was canceled after all hell broke loose with protesters throwing everything but the kitchen sink. Protesters took to the streets and cause damage. The estimated cost for the damage is $100,000. Fires were set, windows shattered and Trump supporters were attacked and left bloody and bruised.

Milo is not new to controversy. He had his @nero Twitter account permanently suspended after criticizing and targeting Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones who starred in the reboot of Ghostbusters last summer. This suspension led to the Twitter hashtag #FreeMilo and the creation of the Twitter alternative, GAB. Moreover, Milo had started a scholarship solely for White Males. This action brought about criticism and accusations of racism on the part of Milo. Others suspected that since he is a homosexual, he may be using the scholarship to lure young men. However, he is apparently in a relationship with a Black male.

Protesters who trashed the area where Milo was expected to speak voiced their concern that what Milo preaches is hate. Milo has made comments against feminists and his fellow LGBT community which have angered many. He is considered part of the "alt-right" movement which is accused of fostering racism and White Nationalism. However, last week, Milo had this to say:

The irony in all of this is that the University of California in Berkeley was the birthplace of the free speech college movement. In the 1960's, students protested demanding free exercise of speech on college campuses. It seems that those liberals who rioted on campus are not aware of this. If they are, they are being extremely hypocritical for denying free speech to right-wingers. President Trump took to Twitter to condemn the riots and threatened the removal of funding to the University which gets $350 million dollars.  Milo is set to release a book this year on his political views.  He had published one with a different name on poetry.

Here are some photos of Milo and reactions on Twitter:


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