Monday, February 27, 2017

When We Rise: ABC LGBT Propaganda

ABC was a network that used to air quality family shows such as "Full House," "Family Matters" and so on. Today, it is a cesspool of progressivism that promotes the LGBT agenda. Now, they are airing a mini-series entitled "When We Rise." The show highlights the rise of the LGBT movement via protests, resistance and political infiltration. The television drama aired tonight and is highly anticpated by LGBT activists.  The program was written by Dustin Lance Black and begins in the period that is post- Stonewall San Francisco.  It highlights the characters "Cleve Jones," "Roma Guy," and "Ken Jones." The real life gay activists are presented in the first episode as youths who are figuring out "who they are."  Cleve reveals he is gay to his father who is a psychologist and tells him it can be cured. He is on his own and resorts to selling himself for sex to older men for money. Roma is a lesbian feminist activist who is part of the "Lavender Menace" movement which sought to be included in mainstream radical feminist activities. Ken Jones is an African American member of the Navy who is discovering himself as a youth by going out to gay bars. Gay bars at the time were illegal. He witnessed police raids which later empower him to join the fight for the LGBT movement.

The show also highlights LGBT activist Harvey Milk and several others. It is set up to tell the story of how the LGBT movement formed and how it led to the legalization of so-called "same-sex marriage" in the United States.  It is propaganda meant to validate the LGBT movement in the eyes of viewers.  The show is great to give a historical perspective of the movement, but is dangerous for impressional minds who are afraid to question chick ideas. "When We Rise" touches a bit on racism among the LGBT, but fails to highlight the other problems in the LGBT community.  It has some Hollywood big name actors such as Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnel, Michael DeLorenzo and others.

I will update this post as the series continues.

UPDATE:  3/3/17
The series is at its end. It was a fast forward of the events surrounding the LGTB movement. The series ended with the legalization of so-callled "same-sex marriage" in 2015. The characters of the show are presented as victorious despite having HIV. Religion is presented during several scenes as if the success of the LGBT agenda is celebrated by God.  Cleve Jones is seen clutching a wooden cross in his hand while being interviewed.  There were some jabs made against the Catholic Church.  A nun is seen looking like a bigot when catching two boys kissing at a Catholic school. One of the gay characters even insinuates that the pope had HIV unleashed in gay communities in order to eradicate them.  Even the idea of "large Catholic families" is mocked on the show.  Overall, I enjoyed the historical aspect of the show. It does show (not entirely accurately) the history of the LGBT movement. Despite disagreeing with the LGBT agenda, I do appreciate learning history or the history of any group.  They did leave out the events at the Stonewall Inn in New York City which were instrumental as well in the LGBT struggle.  Other than that, the show was clearly made to both educate and promote the LGBT agenda as some sort of a Civil Rights Movement.  According to reports, the show was a failure.  It has poor ratings.

The show demonstrates the contradictions found in the LGBT community.  In one scene, Cleve is not welcomed in a feminist lesbian club.  In another scene, Cleve and a group of gays harass straight guys and say they own the neighborhood now.  Ironically, in the show, gays call themselves a "gentle" movement. However, I was faced with some nasty messages after tweeting on the hashtag #WhenWeRise.


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