Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oh Rats! Bronx Residents Getting Sick

Growing up in The Bronx, I can tell you first hand that rats are as common as trees. These creatures fear no human in New York City. They can be seen roaming around on subway tracks and even sidewalks! As a kid, I did not need to go to a zoo or a safari to view wildlife. They are all over in The Bronx. However, these creatures are dangerous in many ways. They not only attack when cornered, but they spread diseases via urine and their droppings.

Several Bronx residents at 750 Grand Concourse near the Supreme Court and new Yankee Statiums are realizing how dangerous these rats are. So far, one person has died and several others are sick after contracting leptospirosis, a bacteria disease. This bacteria spreads via contact with open wounds and inhalation. The bacteria is present in rat urine. Residents at 750 Grand Concourse have complained to city officials about their rat problem as well as other problems, but were ignored. This building is listed as one run by a slumblord. The Grand Concourse was one a thriving stretch of avenues that catered to wealthy Jews and others. Its buildings are full of artdeco and other beautiful works of art. The concept was developed by Louis Aloys Risse in the 1800s who wanted to model the Champs Elysees in Paris.  However, they are now being runned down and poorly maintained.  Its occupants are now struggling Puerto Ricans, African Americans and illegal immigrants looking to survive.

Borough president Ruben Diaz has failed the Bronx people once again. He quickly gathered at the steps of the Bronx Supreme Court to protest President Trump's vetting executive order, but is a no-show to the concerns of Bronx residents, many who are LEGAL Puerto Ricans and Blacks. Hopefully, the rest of the nation will see how The Bronx is often ignored and only receives attention when someone dies- a death that is preventable.

Hopefully, the situation will get under control. Rats are dangerous and spread diseases. Maintenence of homes and apartment buildings is a must.  


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