Thursday, March 3, 2016

Post Super Tuesday #GOPdebate: FoxNews

The first GOP debate after Super Tuesday took place in Detroit. It was conducted by Fox News. Trump participated despite the presence of Megyn Kelly as a moderator. The participants were Cruz, Trump, Rubio and Kasich.  Ben Carson did not participate and may drop out of the race altogether, though no official statement has been made by his camp.

The debate was similar to the last one by CNN with Rubio going after Trump heavily.  He mocked Trump, questioned him on his inability to truly answer questions being asked by moderators and cornering him on his record and contradictions.  The moderators as well questioned Trump heavily and at one point showed video clips of him contradicting himself.  Cruz joined in the attack on Trump and at one point the debate became a circus between Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Trump defended himself over the 'hand' attack made by Rubio insinuating that he was OK in the 'male department,' if you know what I mean.  Later on, Cruz was telling Trump to break and count to ten prompting Rubio to say that he hopes there is no display of Yoga here. Trump was cornered on 'Trump University,' the hiring of illegal immigrants and even the failed 'Trump steaks' and other businesses led by Trump. Rubio even attacked Trump regarding the products being made in China and Mexico.

While the three (Trump, Cruz, Rubio) went at each other during the debate, nothing was really presented in regards to platform. Kasich I believe won the debate based on his answers and maturity. The others looked like kids arguing with each other on stage.  Many political pundits have stated that tonight's debate made the Republicans look bad.


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