Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Democratic Debate (CNN)

Last night CNN aired the first Democratic debate for this presidential seasons.  Candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O' Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee.  The debate was watched by many on television and via live stream.  This debate differed greatly from the two Republican debates in that the candidates did not bash each other, were respectful and provided more substance to their answers.  There was no Trump verse Rand Paul episodes or repetition of political slogans without moving past that with an actual platform. At one point, Sanders even defended Clinton when he brought up the issue with her emails stating that Americans had enough with the damn emails.  The debate was clearly won by Hillary Clinton who presented herself as well prepared, poised and consistent.

Bernie Sanders also did well but kept to his area of economics and inequality.  He also came across as a milder Trump by becoming a bit emotional and raising his voice as he answered questions.  Martin O' Malley attacked Clinton on a few points but for the most part did not present himself as strong as her.  Both Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee were almost like the quiet mice in the room.  They hardly made an impact with their answers and did not engage in discussion with each other like Sanders and Clinton did several times. Clinton did well in appealing to women by defending Planned Parenthood, stating that Republicans are against big government until it involves women's rights when they want to use it to restrict a woman's "right to choose."

Sanders spoke more about inequality in regards to the economy, institutional racism and foreign policy.  The debate was not as lively as the Republican ones, but it was more organized, had more substance and was civil. Many political pundits believe that Clinton may have landed the front runner role for good and that Sanders confirmed to his supporters that he is in fact worthy to be the next president. Interestingly enough, the youth seem to be more supportive of Sanders than Clinton.


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