Monday, October 26, 2015

Did Glenn Really Die on The Walking Dead?


Last night The Walking Dead fans experienced a scene that shattered their hearts. Fan favorite "Glenn Rhee," a nerdy young adult character in the comic book series as well as its television counterpart was apparently killed off. Glenn became a fan favorite due to his lovable charm and transition from a cowardly kid to a natural leader.  While escaping a horde of walkers (zombies), he and another character named Nicholas get trapped in an alley. Glenn had a run-in with this character who in the season 5 finale even tried to kill him. However, in this scene last night Nicholas seems to zone out due to anxiety. He looks at Glenn saying "thank you" and then shoots himself in the head. However while doing so, he brings down Glenn in the process. Both land among the horde of walkers.  All we see is Glenn with a look of panic while screaming inaudibly as the walkers are tearing guts apart and ingesting them.  We do not see if it is Nicholas' remains that are being torn apart or Glenn's abdominal.

This is what has left many fans wondering if in fact Glenn died. While it seems Glenn did die since he fell into the horde, I have a theory that he may be in fact still alive.  Here are the reasons why:

1) In the episode "Guts" in season one. Glenn and Rick used the intestines of a walker they dismembered and smeared them on their person.  This was done to mask their natural body odor using the decaying flesh odor from the walker whose intestines they smeared on themselves. Being that Nicholas landed on Glenn, his odor and that of the walkers who crouched down to eat his remains may have masked Glenn's body odor making him invisible to all the walkers.  Walkers have poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell according to a tweet sent by AMC in 2010 who confirmed this.  Therefore, if Glenn's body odor is masked by Nicholas' remains and that of walkers over him, then he may "wait it out" underneath until the walkers tire of eating Nicholas and walk away.

2) In last night's episode, while on a walkie talkie, Glenn calls Rick a "dumbass" which is reminiscent of when they first met in the pilot episode when Rick got trapped in a tank surrounded by walkers.  The fact that he called Rick that may have been a clue that Glenn himself may be caught in a similar predicament.  Moreover, the overhead shot of Glenn surrounded by walkers is the same one used when Rick was surrounded by walkers in the tank. Since Rick survived that incident, most likely Glenn will as well.  See the comparison of scenes here:

3) Glenn may have gone under the dumpster while the walkers were occupied eating Nicholas' remains.  There is ample room for Glenn to slither under, see the red arrow here below:

Also, if you look carefully at the scene starting at about 1:52 on the time frame, you can see Glenn's bloody face moving upwards as if he is slithering his way under the dumpster.

Therefore it seems Glenn is in fact still alive an may have gone under the dumpster.  The scene was angled in such a way in order to make it seem as if he was being torn apart.  In reality, he would have gone into shock if such an event did happen.  Instead, he looks terrified out of his wits and screaming in disbelief.  Moreover, in the comic book version, Glenn is killed by Negan using his bat "Lucille" in issue 100.

So these are the clues I saw that may indicate that Glenn is in fact not death.  If he is dead, then the walkers had a great meal of Nicholas and Glenn served as a fortune cookie (pun intended). :)

UPDATE: November 22, 2015

I was correct!  Glenn was, in fact, alive under Nicholas' remains and crawled under the garbage bin as the walkers were distracted!

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