Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gay Priest in the Vatican

This week the Vatican has been the topic of discussion in the media and social media. First rumors of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis meeting Pope Francis in Washington D.C. was confirmed. However, Vatican officials downplayed this meeting as a mere "wait-in-line" occasion.  They emphasized that the "real audience" was with a former student of the Pope and his family.  This "family" turned out to be his male lover and some other relatives. Critics in the Church have shouted "red flag" on this meeting stating that the Vatican is giving preference to the LGBT and distancing itself from Christians who have suffered under the LGBT tyranny.

Now, a new story broke out.  Monsignor Krysztof Olaf Charamsa who worked at the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith announced that he is gay and has a male lover.  He is calling on Pope Francis to change the Church's teachings on homosexuality which classifies homosexual acts as sinful. He claims that the Church is homophobic and causes many homosexuals to suffer by telling them to live in chastity instead of allowing them to get into a relationship with another of the same sex.  This priest was immediately fired.  He was expecting this and clearly wanted to bring attention to the LGBT agenda.  His timing was impeccable.  All of this drama was done just hours before the Bishop's Synod was about to begin. Many in the Catholic Church are concerned with this synod due to the fact that the one last year brought about many strange statements which contradicted Church teachings.  There is concern that the bishops may push for changes such as the acceptance of divorce and same-sex unions. Cardinal Kaspar and the bishops of Germany seem to be the ones leading for the Catholic Church to follow suit with the Anglican community which is currently imploding due to their "progressive" changes. Charamsa has been on the congregation since 2003 and also teaches in several pontifical universities.

This whole situation is very troubling indeed and shows evidence that there is in fact a gay lobby infiltrated in the Vatican. Pope Francis during an interview on the plane heading to Brazil indicated that he was not aware of any gay lobbyists.  Hopefully this news will wake him up.  Moreover, Pope Francis' fascination with the LGBT is troubling; not for the fact that he is reaching out in mercy but because he does not seem to be reaffirming the Church's teaching on homosexuality to the people he meets who are from the LGBT community.  Moreover, the tone of the Vatican press office regarding the meeting with Kim Davis and the scandal with Charamsa is also troubling. They seem to be downplaying the seriousness of the sodomite lifestyle. When addressing the situation with Charamsa, they said that he was fired not because he came out, but because of the timing.  Seriously?  The timing is more serious than the announcement that he is gay and actively gay with a lover?  The Vatican seems to be giving mixed messages.  At one point, they refused to acknowledge France's ambassador who is gay, now they welcoming members of the LGBT like nothing and even emphasized that they did not support Kim Davis.  

We must pray for our leaders, especially Pope Francis who is clearly surrounded by the lavender mafia pushing for change.  For decades, many have warned of an infiltration of LGBT activists in the Church.  The book "Good bye Good Men" is one such prophetic book.  For more info on this topic, see my previous posts: 


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