Thursday, October 1, 2015

Atheist Gunmen Kills Christians at Umpqua Community College

Once again there was a mass shooting in the United States of America.  It is reported that 10 people were killed and over 20 injured.  The gunman was identified as Chris Harper Mercer.  Some sources stated that he was 20 years old, others say he was 26.  He is dead.  Apparently, Mercer was an atheist who targeted Christians.  Witnesses state that he went through classrooms asking students if they were religious or believed in God. Those who stated that they were Christian were shot in the head execution style.  Those who said no or did not answer were shot in the legs.

This new incident counters atheist claims that somehow they do not commit evil things in the name of atheism.

I will update this post as I learn more. Stay tuned.



  1. Let's be accurate here. Nobody has found anything where he describes himself as an atheist. On his dating profile Harper Mercer said he was a 'conservative, republican' who was spiritual and into the occult but didn't like organised religion. Anastasia Boylan was in a class when he came in shooting. She said that he told some of his victims to stand up if they were Christian "because you are Christian you're going to see God in about one second." Atheists don't believe that people see God if they die. Atheists don't believe in the occult. One thing he clearly wasn't was an Atheist. Whatever you feel about atheists please be Christian and don't lie!

    1. I can only be as accurate as the news media reports. My information comes from media sources. See "" and the links in this post. The statement that the Christians are going to see God can be out of mockery or sarcasm which are behaviors atheists are known for. If you want to be accurate then post sources countering what the media is stating. The only thing you have done is presented your inferences as fact which is dishonest.


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