Friday, October 30, 2015

Exorcism Live - Do Not Watch It

Halloween is just around the corner and networks are starving for ratings especially since a popular World Series  between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Metropolitans is taking place and is taking away many viewers.  Destination America Network is not far behind. They are airing a live show tonight entitled "Exorcism: live!"  In this live show, participants will be visiting the location where the events surrounding the Exorcist movie took place.  In 1949, a young boy named Roland Doe (name used to protect identity) was allegedly possessed by the devil or demons. Jesuit priests were called in after a Protestant minister was unable to remove the entities. The real life event inspired the 1970's film.

Alleged psychic medium Chip Coffey will be the main participant who will conduct a seance and "exorcism" on the house located in Bel-Nor, Missouri.  Bishop Herman of the Archdiocese of St. Louis condemned the show and asked the producers to reconsider citing the dangers of calling on evil spirits and toying with them. However, Henry Schleiff of Discovery Communications ignored the concerns from the bishop.

The bishop is correct. This event will be calling upon demons and that is not a good idea.  While the show will be staged as these ghost shows usually are, they still are messing with entities that humans should not mess with. Moreover, lay people are not authorized to conduct exorcisms. Not even priests are allowed unless given permission by their bishop.  This Exorcism Live show is a mockery of the Catholic faith and will be channeling evil.

Moreover, this psychic medium Chip Coffey is a charlatan and an openly gay man who distorts Catholicism. Many have filed complaints against him for being fraudulent. He was also embarrassed on a live program when he was put to the test by skeptics. There is no such thing as a psychic or medium. Spirits do not "live" anywhere. All of this is superstition.  Also, Chip Coffey previously worked on a paranormal investigation show (Paranormal State) which was exposed as being staged. The show was eventually cancelled. See the sources below this post for more information on the fraudulent

I urge all Catholics and all my readers to not watch this program. You will be calling evil spirits into your home and endorsing fraud and the mockery of our faith.  


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