Friday, May 8, 2015

Atheist Killer Faces Death Penalty

Craigs Hicks, or the North Carolina atheist who killed three young Muslims may possibly face the death penalty. Hicks confessed to the shootings.  Search warrants found large amounts of guns and ammunition at his home.

An investigation is still ongoing as to whether or not Hicks' act was a hate crime or just a dispute over parking. Hicks was known as a "hot head" in the neighborhood and argued over parking spaces.  However, he never shot and killed anyone until these 3 young Muslims came along.  Two of them were female and wore their traditional Muslim garb. It seems clear that Hicks discriminated against these three Muslims and his anger and hatred for religion amplified his reaction which led to the murder of these three young kids.

Moreover, the autopsies done on the bodies of the three Muslim victims indicated that two of them had the gun pointed directly at the heads.  This means that Hicks intentionally wanted to murder them with a shot to the head.  Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha died of close gunshots to the head.  Hicks placed his gun directly on their scalps or close and shot them execution style.  One was shot in the top of the head and the other on the back of the head.  Note that these two victims were female so they looked "Muslim" in regards to their traditional garb.  The male and husband of Yusor, Deah Shaddy died of multiple shots to his body.

The manner in which the two young girls were killed and the multiple shots directed at the male clearly shows that Hicks was angry and wanted them gone.  Hate is the strongest form of anger.  It makes sense that Hicks committed a hate crime and targeted these young people because they were Muslims.  Moreover, he never got to this violent point with other neighbors whom he argued with over the same thing, parking.

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