Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Michael Coren Leaves Catholic Church

Popular Catholic apologist Michael Coren has left the Catholic Church and joined the Protestant Anglican community. Last month, there were rumors that he had converted.  The Catholic blogosphere was buzzing on the topic.  I first learned of it here:

He is also mentioned on the Toronto's Anglican community Facebook and parish bulletin, see:

After reading those posts, I decided not to post on it until I heard it "from the horse's" mouth, so to speak.  Well, that time has come.  Michael Coren in an interview on the National Post, a Canadian online publication, Coren confirmed that he did, in fact, leave the Catholic Church for Anglicanism.  His reason was same-sex marriage.  He claims that it bothered him that same-sex couples could not be allowed to love.  He claims to have felt like a "hypocrite.  Apparently, while still giving talks at Catholic conferences, he was attending Anglican liturgies.

Immediately after learning of his conversion, his schedule speeches and an appearance on EWTN were cancelled.  EWTN has even pulled his books off of their Religious Catalogue site.  He even tweeted on it:

Church Militant TV host Michael Voris took to his vlog to criticize Michael Coren's decision.  See:

I agree with most of what Voris said, but he was a bit harsh and facetious in my opinion. Nevertheless, Coren believes that the Anglican community has a valid Eucharist and this is not so. As Voris stated, this denomination was founded on sin.  Henry VIII ironically wrote a book defending Catholicism just like Coren did, but the late king of England changed his mind when it became personal.  His desire for divorce forced him to create his own parody of the Catholic Church.  Since its creation, this denomination has set aside the Bible and Tradition in favor of modern errors, especially relativism.  It boggles the mind as to why this educated man would leave the one true Church.  However, I think I can relate to what he is feeling.

Coming from an atheist background, I held ideas that were obviously contrary to Catholicism.  As a Catholic, some things still bother a bit or make me feel uncomfortable in regards to the Church's teachings and/or attitude and how it relates to others.  What I mean by this is that because I have gay friends it is sometimes hard to reconcile my beliefs now with their lifestyle while at the same time trying not to offend them.  This is, of course, a natural human response. However, it is not about me or my feelings.  It is not about me offending anyone, but about the truth in Jesus Christ.  So while my beliefs may bother my friends and I do not want to lose that status with them, my priority is Christ. That being said, I will not forsake Christ and the Church's teachings based on my natural human response.

Instead of attacking Michael Coren, we need to understand where he is coming from and pray for him.  He clearly is falling into misguided compassion.  His natural human response of misguided compassion is not allowing him to see the truth clearly.  This is similar to former priest Alberto Cutie who left the Catholic Church for the Episcopal denomination simply because he could not keep his celibacy promise. Again, he let his natural human response (finding a mate) get the best of him and cloud his judgment. The same happen to the popular preacher, John Corapi.  See more here:

We must keep these fallen Catholics in our prayers.  Only God can convert them.  Our emotional responses (often negative) to their abandonment of the faith will not help them.        


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